How Much Do Resume Writers Charge?

Are you a professional, but don`t know how to compose your resume? That`s where resume writers come in. They know how to format your resume so that employers will actually want to read it, and they can also help you target specific jobs.

But how much do these services cost? On average, most professional resume writers will charge between $200 and $1000. However, there are a few factors that can affect the price.

What Services Will You Get From a Professional Resume Writer?

First, you should know what this amount of money must be paid for. There are a variety of services professional companies offer to their clients. When you contact a resume writing company, they will usually give you a free consultation. This is your chance to ask any questions about the process and what services are available.

So, there is a basic set of services you will get from the company – consultation, resume and CV writing, and LinkedIn profile optimization. Each service can be ordered separately or you can get a package with all three services included. The consultation is important because it allows the writer to understand your needs and expectations. This way, they can offer the best possible solution for your specific situation.

There are also a lot of extra services like interview preparation, military/civilian resume services, career change resume writing, thank you and follow-up notes, cold emails to recruiters, and so on. For example, in case you need to update your resume for a specific job opening, some companies can do this for an additional fee. Thus, an interview preparation service will help you to get ready for an interview, which can be extremely helpful, especially if you haven`t had one in a while.

Additional services are not always necessary, but they can be very useful, so it is important to consider them when choosing a resume writing company.

Not everyone needs the same type of resume. If you are just starting out in your career, you will need a different resume than someone who has been working for 20 years. The length of your experience will also affect the price – the more experience you have, the more expensive the service will be. However, this is not always the case.

How Much Do Resume Writers Charge On Average?

Based on our comparisons of different reliable websites that offer resume writing services, we have compiled this table of prices. The average cost for this service falls between $220 and $1252, depending on the level of experience required. Oftentimes people just starting their careers will want to go with the lowest possible option in terms of price; however, that does not always signify value.

There are a lot of companies in the USA that write professional resumes. Some of them specialize in specific niches, like entry-level resumes or career change resumes. Others focus on writing resumes for a specific industry, like IT or healthcare. But most of the companies listed below provide a broad range of services and are able to write a resume for any profession.

Most websites that offer CVs for under $100 are computerized platforms that use templates. Here, you will not receive a unique or personalized paper. Instead of looking at the price, many applicants focus on finding quality services. However, in case you just need a template in order to make everything by yourself, this option is right for you.

Entry, middle or executive?

Depending on your level of working experience, you may need different types of resumes. There are CVs for newbie specialists and for those who are looking to change their careers. If you want to move up the corporate ladder, you will need an executive resume. And of course, the average price resume writers charge depends on your professionalism as well.

Resume writers who are just starting out will usually be the most affordable. For entry-level job seekers, their resumes are easier to write and therefore can be offered at a lower price. Thus, a company like Market Connections will charge only $99 for your resume, while writers from Great Resumes Fast will take $595 for the same job. On average, this price tag is about $220.

If you have more than three years of experience but don’t yet occupy an executive-level position, our mid-level resume writing services can be perfect for you. By helping to refine your resume, we may enable you to take the next step up in your career. You will pay the Evolution Coaching company $249 for your resume writing and the same Great Resumes Fast will ask you to pay $799.

Because an executive resume demonstrates such a higher level of expertise, they require sophisticated skills to create. Therefore, the prices are significantly higher than lower-level resumes. At the executive level, jobs are highly competitive, and your resume is essential for getting your foot in the door. If you don’t have an adequate resume as your competition does, then you will likely not be considered for the role. The Resume Spice will charge you $569 and that is the minimal price, whereas the Mary Elizabeth Bradford company`s services will cost you $2,597 – and that is the maximum value.

As you can see, depending on what type of CV you need, resume writers charge different amounts of money.

How much should I charge to edit a resume?

The cost of resume writing services varies depending on the quality of service you want to receive. Executive resume writers charge anywhere from $750-$2,000 for a single resume. If you’re looking for cheaper options, there are many resume writing services that cost $150-$450.

However, it’s important to remember that you usually get what you pay for in terms of quality and customer service. This is especially true when it comes to executive resume writers, who often have years of experience and knowledge in the industry.

When it comes to editing a resume, there is no set price. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can try using a resume writing service that charges by the hour.

What Factors Affect The Price?

Besides all the moments listed above, there are still a lot of aspects that may have an impact on the total cost of your professional resume.

First of all, it is the number of pages you want to order. The more information you provide, the longer and more complex your paper will be. As a result, the price for one page usually starts at $100 and may rise up to $500.

The next thing that should be considered is the level of urgency. If you need your CV as fast as possible, then be ready to pay extra for this service. For example, some resume writers offer a 48-hour turnaround time but will charge you an additional 30% for this speed.

It is also significant whether you want a simple resume or a more complex document, like a CV. The length of your paper and the number of services provided will affect the total cost as well. If you need help with job search, LinkedIn profile optimization, or interview coaching, be ready to pay more.

The writers’ professionalism at the company you refer to is another significant moment. If you use the services of a certified resume writer with years of experience in the field, you will be asked to pay more than for an inexperienced one.

To sum up, there are a lot of moments that affect the final cost of resume writing services. It is important to remember that the price is not always an indicator of quality. You should focus on finding a balance between price and quality in order to get the best value for your money.

Are Resume Writers Worth It?

A resume writer is worth the investment because you’re not just paying someone to type up your resume. You’re investing in yourself and your career. This is an opportunity to land interviews for positions that will be both personally and financially rewarding.

However, many individuals think that they can write their resumes on their own. And while this is technically true, it’s not always the best idea. A resume writer can help you to get past any roadblocks you may have in crafting your own document.

For example, if you’re unsure of how to format your resume or what information to include, a resume writer will be able to guide you. They can also provide you with valuable feedback that will help you to improve your overall document.

Additionally, a resume writer can help to ensure that your document is free of any errors or typos. This is important because even one small error can make your resume look unprofessional.

In the end, working with a resume writer is an investment that will pay off. By taking the time to work with a professional, you’ll be able to create a document that will help you to get the job you want.

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