10 best jobs with no experience

Almost every job requires several years of experience. You've definitely noticed it when looking through various job vacancies descriptions. It can be disappointing, especially when you're only starting your professional career or decide to choose the other profession; we advise you not to worry – in reality, you have a great choice of jobs that don't require experience. Yes, we're not joking. Now, we'll name you these jobs. But firstly, we'll name the areas that don't require any job experience:

  • Trainee or internship

Commonly, many organizations recruit people with no experience as interns. Generally, they don't get a high wage and don't have significant independence, but it's an incredible possibility to enter the organization's doors and show yourself. If you do your job well, you have a great chance to get a promotion in the future. As for the salary, interns can earn around $30,000 per year on average. 

  • Self-employment

You generally don't need to have experience for the job you do for yourself. Nevertheless, you need to have the skill to provide a good-quality service. When you feel that you can do it, you'll need some time to establish yourself and make a clients base. If you need money immediately, this job is not a good choice. But it can become an excellent career for you if you make all your efforts and devote all your time to it. Self-employment can bring you approximately over $50,000 per year when it comes to salary. 

  • Admin associate on clients' service 

Many organizations are looking for admin associates on clients' services. Yes, in some cases, they need workers with experience, but most of them hire non-experienced people and teach them. Even when the company wants an experienced clients service associate, he looks for a person with a great developed skill to professionally deal with people. So, if you manage to show this skill in your transmittal letter, you can have a chance to get this job. As for the wage, an admin associate on clients' service can get more than $25.000 per year. 

  • Deputy

In almost every area, specialists sometimes need help. And here, deputies come for help. You need to have experience for some deputy positions, but the significant part doesn't require it. 

Now, we'll name the top ten jobs where you don't need to have any experience:

  • Transporter

It doesn't matter what you ship; you'll get great money and benefits working in this position. Moreover, you don't need to spend all day sitting behind your desk. You need to have a high school certificate and pass some training to work as a transporter in big companies. As for the salary, transporters can earn around $37.000 per year. 

  • Oil reserves general worker

For those who are not scared of various tough jobs in remote places, oil reserves general worker can be an excellent choice for you. His duties are keeping in a good state, cleaning the oil instruments and equipment, working on different construction projects, and helping wherever necessary. When it comes to wage, oil reserves general workers can get over $40.000 per year.

  • Commercial truck rider

The commercial truck rider job requires only getting a driver's license and passing training for co-pilots for skilled riders to drive a commercial truck. The salary of commercial truck riders is more than $60.000 per year.

  • Realtor

If you want to work as a realtor, you need to pass training and get a license. This job can open great perspectives for your professional career according to how long and how much you work. A Realtor's wage comprises almost $100.000 per year.

  • Library technical specialist

Demands to become a library technical specialist can vary, but there's one general – having a high school certificate. According to the job, there're organizations that demand to have some years of experience, but generally, it's not required. Library technical specialist typically earns around $36.000 per year. 

  • Wide turbine technical specialist

This highly demanded profession these days requires the following thing – education. And it doesn't matter whether you earn the certification or become a junior specialist; you can start getting professional education without any job experience in the sphere. As for the wage, wide turbine technical specialists can earn over $41.000 per year. 

  • Guard

This job comprises working in various areas and conditions. Yes, it doesn't provide promotions and demand some experience, but it can give you the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the security forces in the future. When it comes to wage, guards can get around $29.000 per year.

  • Manager (or receptionist)

It's a general profession, as almost any organization needs managers, receptionists, or administrative associates. Thanks to this job, you can develop organizational, scheduling, and dealing with people abilities. And in its turn, these abilities will help you get employment in other organizations, especially if you manage to use the organization's cost-recovery program and pass the courses on the area you want to work in. The manager's salary comprises approximately $33.000 per year. 

  • Veterinarian associate

Do you like pets and working with hands? If the answer is "yes," this job is for you. It provides a great experience in the veterinarian area. Besides, this knowledge is also valuable if you're still searching for the sphere you want to work in. Trial step in your professional career way before you start studying the area you want to work in can help you choose your sphere, plus it helps save your money and time on the things you don't need. Veterinarian associates can get around $28.000 per year in average. 

  • Representative of the clients' service

This job serves as a great chance to enter the organization where you want to work. It will help establish relations with your colleagues, plus you'll develop necessary organizational and communicational abilities. The positions of clients' service representatives vary – you can work in a call center and answer the clients' questions via telephone or chat with them via computer in your house. For some organizations, experience in this area is demanded, but generally, it's not necessary. As for the wage, clients' service representatives can get around $29.000 per year. 


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