The 10 highest paying jobs in California

Once, we all wonder – what are the well-paid professions in California? What are your predictions – is it the dentist, IT specialist, or journalist? So, if you cannot answer this question, we'll do it. After conducting some research, we've found out that the deputy chairman is the top well-paid job in California. You will wonder how we've defined that, and we will explain now.

To determine the professions with high wages, we've taken the data from the open resources, such as the Labor Statistics Bureau, Personnel Management Center Office, Foreign Center of Labor Certification Data, and others. Then our specialists look through all vacancies to find out the wages and include them in the mentioned above data. After that, the specialists compare these published wages to the organizations, their locations and positions' titles, and other information. And finally, our team takes all this data and defines the middle number to calculate an estimated wage for the specific position in California.

So, after conducting the research and calculating the middle number, we've defined the top hundred professions with the high wage in California. We've examined over 8.000 various job vacations to determine these highly paid jobs. As the list is long, we are going to present you the top ten professions with the high wage in California. All these professions are from various spheres. Jumping ahead, we'll say that most high-paid jobs belong to the medicine area. So, take a look and know what jobs will bring you high wages in California.

As we have already said, the first place goes to the deputy chairman. What does he do? In general, he helps his administration perform their duties and take responsibility for all actions. He is also responsible for monitoring the company's strategy implementation, and when the president or director doesn't perform their duties, it's the deputy chairman who does that. His average wage is over $280.000 (it's pretty great, is it?). The entry-level wage comprises more than $160.000.

The second high-paid profession is the security chief, and the primary duty is to provide physical and IT security for the company and its workers. On average, the security chief can get more than $210.000, and as on the beginning level – around $176.000.

The general surgeon holds third place in the high-paid professions ranking. He's responsible for providing surgical care for patients. This surgical care comprises diagnosis, patients' pre, post, and operative management, and surgical treatment of specific diseases. The general surgeon's entry-stage salary comprises approximately $150.000, and the middle wage is about $$208.000.

The fourth place is occupied by the senior marketing vice-chairman. His duties are – making and establishing a comprehensive marketing plan on brand awareness increasing, setting the aims for the team, and creating and reviewing the marketing projects' budgets. At the beginning of your career, you can get over $140.000 salary, and as for the middle wage, it's around $201.000.

The fifth place goes to the physician of internal medicine. He specializes in diagnosis, treatment, and providing care across the whole spectrum – from maintaining health to treating complex illnesses. His wage on the beginning level comprises approximately $146.000. On average, physicians of internal medicine can earn around $200,500.

The second ten high-paid jobs in California are the following: the first place is taken by products marketing deputy chairman. His primary duty is to create and establish the overall strategy in product marketing. You can get $142.000 as an entry-level salary in this position, and the middle wage comprises around $198.000.

Products marketing deputy chairman is followed by hospitalist physician. He has the same duties as your family doctor – to provide diagnosis and treat various diseases. The difference here is that hospitalist physician does all this in the hospital. At the beginning level, the specialist can get $143.000 (that's higher than the products marketing deputy chairman earns). The top hospitalist physician can get about $197.000.

The third place in California's second ten high-paid professions goes to anesthesiologists – the medicals that manage anesthesia and control pain. As a junior specialist, you can get a wage of $135.000, and when getting promotions, you can have a salary of a bit more than $195.000.

Then the eye doctor follows. He's responsible for eye care in all aspects – diagnosis eye diseases, treatment, and providing surgeries and glasses and contact lenses prescription. On the first level, the specialist can have a wage of $135.000, and on average, eye doctors can earn almost $194.000.

And the final place of the ten high-paid professions in California goes to pulmonary physician – the medical specialist on diagnosing and treating the respiratory diseases system, first of all – out lungs. The entry-level specialists generally earn around $134.000, and the high professionals have a wage of more than $193.000.

It's the statistics in terms of salary. And now we'll show you statistics of how many people work in these professions in California. The figures are also interesting.

So, firstly, only a bit more than 1,800 people work as a deputy chairman; as security chief around 4.100 people work. Generally, surgeons comprise over 4.200 people. As marketing senior deputy chairman, over 5,800 people work. Physicians of internal medicine specialists are almost 2,200. When it comes to products marketing vice president, more than 7,500 specialists work in this position. As hospitalist physicians, only 1,500 people work. There're over 3,200 anthologists. The eye doctor and pulmonary physician jobs have almost the same number of specialists – 1,510 and 1,521 correspondingly. 

Now you know the top ten jobs to earn high salaries in California. There're more professions where you can get a good salary. We'll simply name them for you to know:

  • Physician associate of general surgery
  • Senior deputy chairman
  • Hospitalist of internal medicine
  • Physician/anesthesiologist
  • Assistant professor
  • Deputy chairman in product management
  • Psychiatrist staff
  • Senior Engineering manager
  • Engineering senior deputy manager
  • Physician extender

Now you know the jobs to get a high wage in California. So, take a look and see if there's your profession on the list.


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