How to upload your resume to LinkedIn

Searching for employment is a rather challenging task, and you can waste a lot of effort and time to find a good one compared to quickly visiting a store, speaking with the administration, and getting the job. Yes, such a scenario is possible, but nowadays, many people prefer to find and apply for a job online.

Suppose you search for the job this way. In that case, you need to know three essential instruments that help to succeed here – a great-made summary and transmittal letter, plus LinkedIn – a website that links job searchers, HR managers, and forward professional webs. Nowadays, in the electronic era, communication happens personally and online, and LinkedIn serves as a platform for the latest form of communication. 

Today many job searches register and develop their accounts on LinkedIn. In case you’ve just entered the website, you need time to know how it works and guide it. 

The profile in LinkedIn looks like your online job summary – it helps HR managers to look at you and understand who you as a specialist are. Your account contains such information about you as education and previous work background. The great thing about it is that you can fully set it up the way you need. 

When uploading info to your LinkedIn account or renewing the old one, you can once wonder – should you publish the summary there? Honestly, responding to this question is tough, and it’s all contingent on what platform you choose to upload it. 

There’re some pros and cons of loading up your job summary to the LinkedIn platform:

  • For most situations, it is not recommended to publish it to your personal account on LinkedIn
  • It is recommended to load up the job application-particular to the vacancy via LinkedIn
  • If deciding to upload your summary to LinkedIn, you need to take care of your private information safety since the employment process is not personal anymore.

Publishing online your summary to LinkedIn: how to do it?

Generally, there’re several variants to publish your job resume to LinkedIn online. The first one is through “Featured Media". This method comprises the following:

Firstly you need to enter your profile (you can do it by pushing the button under your avatar). Then you need to push the “Adding Profile Section” button. After you have a menu and need to choose “Selected” and “Media.” And finally, you need to load up the summary doc from your laptop. 

As we have already warned you, we don’t advise publishing the job summary to LinkedIn this way. At a minimum, you have to change your resume to delete the info you do not want to be published. In the end, if someone gets interested in you, he can send a private message on LinkedIn. 

The second variant to publish your summary on LinkedIn is through “Easy Apply”, and it comprises the following:

Firstly, you should push the “Jobs” button on the page’s top. Then you should search for the jobs with the “Easy Apply” button. When you choose the position you are interested in, you need to push the “Easy Apply” button under the vacancy’s title. After filling in all the necessary information about yourself, push the “Next” button and load up your summary. Then you should give all details about the previous work background and push the “Review button.” In the end, you should look at all the info you’ve given and push “Apply.” 

We strongly advise you to apply this way of publishing your summary to LinkedIn. There’re several reasons for that. Firstly, it is elementary, and secondly, it allows setting up your summary for every job vacancy. Besides, this platform keeps all your summaries variants and responses, and you can look them through and work with them in the “Jobs” section. 

There is one more method to load up your summary to LinkedIn – simply to fill your profile with all necessary info. Perhaps, it’s the safest in terms of info security ways. Yes, you can’t give all details about your abilities and background, but it will serve as an introduction to send you a personal message and know more about you for HR managers. We also suggest using this method with the “Easy Apply” to use the maximum from LinkedIn.

There’s one variant of publishing a resume – publishing it as a post. You need to take the following steps to do it:

Firstly, you need to push the “Make a post” button in the center of the feed in the oval box. Then you need to push the “Add a document” button, load up your summary and press the “Done” button, and after that, everyone can download and look through your resume. 

After knowing all ways of publishing the summary to LinkedIn, you can still wonder – should you do it

First of all, when deciding, you need to thoroughly think about your info security. As we have already warned you, loading up the summary to your personal LinkedIn profile can serve as a great variant, but the choice is yours, and you should carefully think about it. 

The LinkedIn profile is a public place where all users with whom you’ve established connections will be accessed this info. But there’s one crucial difference between the usual summary and your summary on LinkedIn – the latest contains your info – phone number, location, etc. And everyone who has a link to your account can look it through and use it. Do you like it? Of course, you do not like it, and never will. Besides, when publishing the summary to the personal account, you can’t set it up for the particular vacancy. Moreover, the HR managers will not have the reasons to get interested in you as a professional. That is why we recommend using the other ways we’ve described above. But again – the choice is yours. 

There is one more tip for you: if you make a usual summary, you can include the link to your LinkedIn account here, and it’ll serve as an excellent advantage for you.

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