What do you do?

Maybe, no one in the world has not once been asked the following question – what do you do. And sometimes, all of us feel uncomfortable responding to this question.

The way you speak about your activity truly affects the job interview results and your future employment in general. Your answer can make your potential employer get interested in you as a specialist or demonstrate your disinterest in your occupation.

So, in this post, we’ll discuss several strategies that will help you correctly respond to the what-do-you-do question and make the employer hire you.

Describe what you do on your job

Describing your occupation, you get full control of how other people imagine your job. That’s why you need to define the impression you’ll make about your kind of activity since your manner of describing your occupation affects the way you do your job (good or bad).

Instead of simply naming your post, you can tell an exciting story about your job.

For instance, I work as a programmer in one of the famous IT companies. By the way, our organization was involved in creating a mobile app to control people in isolation.

Share the thing you do to support people

There’s one good method to make your job more human – it implies the things you do to simplify people’s life.

For instance, I assist people in getting ready for the interview and responding to hard questions. Besides, I also help make up a summary and prepare for discussing the salary.  

There’s one piece of advice – When you’re asked to tell the things you do for earning a living, you can begin your answer with the words “I assist others…” and see where it goes.

 Make your story closer to employer

If you make your job story closer to people, they will accept it. Before the interview, we recommend you think about your experience and how it can interest your potential employer. It’s a great situation where you can demonstrate your communication abilities.

An example of how to make your job story closer to others: You move to another city and need to sell your apartment as quickly as possible. So, you’ve contacted the right specialist. I’ll help you not only quickly find the buyer but also will assist you to the end of the deal. 

Don’t include unnecessary details in your job story

If your occupation is the most exciting thing in the whole universe, it does not mean that you need to share every detail about it. During the interview, you will probably share what he already knows with the HR manager about you. If you tell your job story to a not-from-your-sphere person, you can get him bored. That’s why you need to reveal only essential information about your job. If the management wants something more, he’ll ask you about it.

An example: I create mobile apps that help people lead a healthy lifestyle. I truly appreciate their feedback, and I’m thrilled to make something that simplifies their lives.

Make emphasis on the reasons why you love your job

You’ll definitely interest the HR manager if you demonstrate a passion for your career in your speech. That’s why during the interview you should speak about the things you’re looking forward to in your future career.

An example of how to show your passion for the job: I’m a web specialist. I create websites for various organizations and brands. I use all my creativity to make the website that will make the particular company or trademark stand out from the crowd.

Make advertising- yourself campaign

In the job interview, there’s one question that the HR managers ask in 99% of cases – they ask you to speak about yourself. In this context, the what-do-you-do question is considered as one of the variants of this question. That’s why you need to use another approach to respond to this question; since the HR manager already knows what position you’ve held and what post you’re applying for.

When speaking about the things you, you need to make an advertising-yourself campaign. What do we mean? We mean that you need to speak about your experience, achievements, and abilities. Besides, you can also speak about your career aims. And don’t go too far – share only key and relevant things. 

An example of making an advertising campaign: I’m a very cool web-master. I can create beautiful and simple-in-using websites at the same time. Thanks to my efforts, the percentages of websites visiting and sales have increased three times. I truly value my job, and I hope I can achieve a lot in the sphere.

 Speak about your career path and how you have got where you’re now

 The position you hold now does not say anything about you. The thing that says something about you is your job path. If you truly value your job, your story will definitely impress your potential employer.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat – don’t tell all your biography. Define only key things and speak about them. Employers will remember those who can quickly and clearly talk about the career path.

An example of speaking about the career path: My career path started from a job in the local newspaper. When my colleague received a proposal to work in the capital printed edition, I decided to leave with him. After several years of working in this edition, I decided to change the focus of my profession and became a TV journalist.

To sum up

At first sight, responding to the what-do-you-do question can be very simple. But giving such a response that will affect your potential employer can be rather challenging.

Every one of us wishes that the employer appreciates our job and understands why we love our job so much.

So if you can give such an exciting and powerful answer, be sure that the HR manager or anyone who’ll listen to you won’t be able to resist.

We hope that one day you’ll use our advice, and they will help you give the most meaningful and, at the same time, exciting response to this question.


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