Types of Masters Degrees

After the bachelor’s, the top degree you can get in the university and college is a master’s. Thanks to it, you can know all the necessary technical moments of your future job. 

Everyone can get the degree of masters after earning a bachelor’s to obtain all the necessary knowledge and investigate the coming level. As for the time, to get the degree, the students usually need two years. 

People with master’s degrees from great educational establishments have more chances to survive in the cruel employment world. 

All courses of taught masters consist of lectures and practice classes. In each American high educational establishment, you can get the following kinds of master’s degrees

–         Arts Masters

This master’s kind requires attending some lectures and seminars on Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, plus passing the exam. 

The Arts Masters is characterized by easy availability, as you can get this degree in any university worldwide. Besides, for some educational establishments, Art Masters is considered as the particular program of higher degree. Among the countries with such programs, we can highlight Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States (these countries offer the art masters programs of seven courses), European countries (with qualification of the second level), Australia, etc. 

The Arts Masters allows studying the subjects that attract the students more and in greater detail investigate the things they are interested in. Getting this kind of degree also allows finishing the research work necessary for the dissertation. And in its turn, it can serve as a good base for preparing for postgraduate investigations or better explore interesting subjects. 

–         Science Masters

This kind of master’s degree includes the following subjects – engineering, statistics, health sciences, biology, and chemistry. The social sciences and economics can be a part of both Arts and Science Masters degree. As in the case of Arts Masters, you can get this degree in various parts of the world, and for this, you’ll need only two years. The Science Masters implies getting the seventh level of qualification. 

For everyone who wants to continue studying after bachelors, the Science Masters degree will serve as a great choice since it allows getting the Doctorate of philosophy, passing the specialization, and working on your dissertation. 

The other advantage of the Science Masters degree is that it strongly attracts employers. And sometimes, it can attract so much that employers hire students who are in the process of getting a degree. 

–         Education Masters

This master’s degree exists for those who want to stand out from the crowd and be successful. This kind of master’s degree gives the opportunity not only to teach the students and help them enter the university but also to earn good money. Depending on the educational establishment, the teacher’s salary varies from $50,000 to $75,000 for a year. 

Today the education shows a tendency to fast growth. Consequently, the educator’s salary also tends to grow. According to statistics, the wage of the professor will rise to around $75,000 for a year. 

The degree of education has many pros, and one of them is the emphasis where any applicant can choose they are interested the most. That’s why the educational establishment requires them to describe in their essays in detail why they want to become a teacher and what contribution they want to make in the academic sphere. 

Besides, some schools can ask for a recommendation letter. So, to get the letter from the teachers who have taught, you will serve as a great idea. 

–         Fine Arts Masters

The musician, filmmaker, everybody who is interested in art should get this degree. Fine Arts are considered the professional (based on practice) kind of master’s degree awarded in any educational establishment in the world. As for the period of study, it takes from 1 to 2 years to get this degree. Any student with Fine Arts Masters obtains the seventh level of qualification. 

If you want to become a Fine Masters degree holder, you need to study the following subjects – drama, textiles, fashion, photography, art + design, musical performance, illustration, and creative writing. 

We should make one important note: there are some educational establishments that teach the masters of financial analysis (short for MFA, like Masters of Fine Arts). So be very careful with it!

The Fine Arts Masters degree aims to help innovative and creative people unleash their potential thanks to the high-experienced lecturers and practical training. 

This kind of master’s degree is also considered the degree of qualification of entry-level required for teaching in colleges, especially in the United States. If you opt for the academic scholarship or want to get the degree that will bring more career perspectives, Fine Arts Masters is not very suitable for you. 

–         Laws Masters

Laws specialization means getting a laws master’s, plus this master’s degree is taught. Those who want to practice law do not need to pass this course. But for those who wish to develop professionally definitely need to get this degree. 

Like Fine Arts Masters, this kind of master’s degree provides the seventh level of qualification and a studying period from 1 to 2 years. Besides, you can award this degree in various universities around the world. 

If we look at the statistics, we’ll see that a significant part of the students come with a degree in law. It can be Legum Baccalaureus (or Laws Bachelor or simply LLB) or postgraduate course of Law conversion (like GDL). 

Many universities have also established law courses for those who do not have law education but want to study some aspects. 

Now, let’s discuss a little bit the postgraduate education.

Usually, the postgraduate students concentrate more on their research work. There are two principal kinds of research masters – Philosophy Master and Research Master. 

–         Research Masters Degree

Getting this kind of research degree gives a great opportunity to award the doctoral degree or make a career in the research sphere. It takes one or two years to award this degree, and you can get it in any educational establishment worldwide. This kind of research degree comprises getting the seventh level of qualification.

In many universities, you will find various interpretations of the Research Masters Degree – MRes, MSc, or MA. There are several programs of MRes that are considered as the taught degree of masters. The qualifications like Doctor of Philosophy are regarded as the pure qualifications of research. 

The students willing to get the Research Masters Degree need to meet several requirements. Firstly, the applicants should have the degree of bachelor on the corresponding subject. Secondly, they should have good marks. Thirdly, the applicants should write paperwork to describe their preferences and aims for the future. This paperwork aims to demonstrate the students’ engagement in the research work and finishing the program.

–         Philosophy Master

Based on cutting-edge research, this degree allows the students to focus on a particular topic. The main emphasis of this degree kind is the project based on research. Compared to other kinds of master’s degrees, Philosophy Master’s requires more time to get it. Usually, this time is contingent on the educational establishment. Like a Research Master Degree, this type also comprises getting the seventh level of qualification.

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