Can you get a scholarship for cheerleading?

Once cheerleaders can wonder if they can earn grants for cheerleading? For such students, we have big news – they can have a scholarship. In the United States, high educational establishments offer fellowships for cheerleading, for example, Central Arkansas University, Hawaii University, etc. The amount of this grant varies – from $2500 to $8000 for one year. Besides, if you have a senior post in the team, you can apply for an additional fellowship of over $3300.

Unfortunately, the National Association of Collegiate Athletics has not yet recognized cheerleading as a type of sport. That’s why the educational establishments cannot allocate much money for the cheerleading grants. Nevertheless, the applicants have a chance to earn a full fellowship. But to get it, they need to get a Grade Point Average of 3.8 and over.

There’s other big news for students-cheerleaders – the sum of cheerleading grants is increasing nowadays. Although there are many places with accessible cheerleading grants, the educational establishment you want to enter is the best possible way to look for this scholarship.

What should you do to earn the cheerleading grant?

If you want to earn the cheerleading fellowship, you need to take the top place among other students. Signing up to the cheerleading group in the high school as quickly as possible will increase your chance to get the grant.

Besides the exclusive gymnastic abilities, you also need to have high marks in the subjects. When you do sports professionally and earn the fellowship for it, high educational establishments search for steady enthusiasts.

The cheerleading grants do not vary, but some establishments offer small grants. Besides, they can also provide little fellowships that cover spending on food, accommodation, and travel.

In the United States, two main organizations provide studentships for those who want to do sports on the professional university level. These organizations are the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education and Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators Association.

Now, let’s look at the ten best high educational establishments where you can earn a cheerleading fellowship:

The first place goes to Kentucky University. This educational establishment is a reusable winner of the Universal Cheerleaders Association Division I-A College Championship. And it’s not the only reason why this university heads the list.

Alabama University takes second place thanks to the 20-times victory of the national football league, one of the top athletics facilities, and one of the strongest cheerleading crews in the United States.

Central Florida University is considered one of the main support centers of cheerleading. This educational establishment belongs to the top three in the cheer of 1A Coed Division and provides cheerleading grants for up to sixteen crew members.

Louisville University is known as the hometown for the most winning program of NCA National titles. It supports one of the top basketball and football crews that show the top results.

Among others, South Carolina University highlights by the powerful woman squad that participates in NCA Cheerleading and stands at the head of the crowd at one of the intense SEC athletics programs.

Standing at the crowd head of over 100,000 supporters at each home game in football – this is the thing that makes Tennessee University one of the most popular places of cheerleading. Besides, it offers twelve full cheerleading studentships.

The State University of Oklahoma is respected for cheerleading and strong basketball and football teams.

Mississippi University constantly gains steam– its cheerleading grants become competitive each year.

The cheerleader of Louisiana State University stands at the crowd head at one of the best football American stadiums – Tiger. Besides, it also shows excellent results at national competitions and always gets its place in the best 10.

And finally, Memphis University comes. Its loyalty cheerleading programs provide twelve full travels for a squad, plus up to $1000 for a high-trained sportswoman for a semester. By the way, this studentship is the highest compared to other educational establishments of this list.

And now, we’ll share with you five cheerleading studentships that are considered the best.

1.     Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway

Fellowship sum – it ranges

Criteria for selection – the candidate mustn’t practice sports in college, be eighteen years old, submit an online request and record a video according to Dr. Pepper’s requirements.

Contacts –  or 877-208-9991

2.     Marc E. Lewis Youth Scholarship

Fellowship sum – $5000

Criteria for selection – the candidate should be a first-year student, be a cheerleader in the upper school and show a firm loyalty to the native community of LGBTQ +.

Contacts – or [email protected]

3.     Grant of Sports Unlimited

Fellowship sum – $1000

Criteria for selection: The candidate needs to be a first-year college student, upperclassman, or a sophomore, write a 500-1000 words motivational essay, and have links with any Sport Unlimited worker. There’s one important note – before submitting a request, the candidate should visit the official website and look at all propositions.

Contacts – or 800.693.6368

4.     Positive Alliance of Coaching – Competitor Fellowship of Triple-Impact

Studentship sum – it ranges

Criteria for selection: the candidate needs to be a member of the high school sports squad or a local club, have a Grade Point Average of 2.5, show a significant input in self-development, squad members’ growth and sport in general, and give a reference letter from the coach and school administration.

Contacts – or 866-725-0024

5. Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan Scholarships

Studentship sum – from $500 to $3000

Criteria for selection: the candidate should finish high school, be a cheerleading athlete, participate in the MHSAA Competitive Cheer tea, have an unweighted 3.5 or higher Grade Point Average (during the junior grade level), write an autobiographical essay, and give two reference letters.

Contacts – or (517) 332-5046

To sum up

The educational establishments with a victory background suggest a broad range of great fellowships for cheerleaders. If you want to know more about these studentships, you can search for information on the Internet or get a consultation from the educational establishment where you want to study. In case you see you meet all requirements, be brave and apply for it!  

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