Thank you letter to mentor

When you succeed, you should thank everyone who has helped on your way. Primarily it refers to an adviser, the person who has done all his best for your success. That is why you should write a letter of thanks for paying tribute to all his efforts. In this post, you will know how you write a note of thx. Besides, you will get a scheme of the typical letter. 

Before we start, let’s find out what a letter of thanks is and when we should write it. It is a type of letter where you pay tribute to someone. These letters serve as an answer to a particular action or some important moment. They aim to show you’re realizing what someone has for you. 

Whether it is written-by-hand, printed, or electronic, all letters of thx come with a typical composition. They can be long or short; it depends on how you see them. All the notes of thanks should have a description of the particular event, plus your attitude to it. So the reader will have a clear vision of why he has received such a letter. 

Why should you write a thank-you letter?

You can have many motives for writing a letter of thanks to your coach. However, it is better to concentrate on one event, which is essential for you. Besides, you can thank your adviser simply for his coaching and everything he has done for you. Below, we will describe several reasons why you should thank your mentor in the written form. 

  • Maintaining a great relationship with the coach: When sending a note for your mentor, this way, you demonstrate realizing the efforts he has made for your success. Thanks to this appreciation, many people maintain their relationships with their coaches. Often, people ask their advisers for help in various moments of their lives. So, maintain good relations with your mentor as he will help you not just once. 
  • Giving feedback: Coaching is an excellent thing on its own, and you can also give feedback to your adviser. And a letter of thanks can be such good feedback or even like a gift that will remind him of your spending time together. 
  • Reminding of your personality and abilities: Often, the coaches serve as great professionals in their fields, which can cause you to be willing to work for your coach. Here, the letter of thanks can help you with that. If you write this letter in the right way, it can remind your adviser what abilities and personality you have. These things play an essential role when you get hired so that you can bear fruit one day. 

When sending a letter of thx?

The answer is simple – anytime. But the experts recommend writing it at the time when you have a special event. Below, we will name several cases when you should write a thank-you letter: 

  •  When the coach has said yes to teach you: You should make a thank-you note when the adviser agreed to teach you. It can be hard to find a mentor; that is why after you have found him; you need to send such a letter demonstrating you understand their importance. Besides, it can help you start a great and strong relationship with your coach.
  •  After you have learned something important: When your adviser has taught you something important for your life, you should thank him for that. Some events can change your life and mentality and make you move forward. That is why you should write a note of thx to your mentor who has let these changes happen. Besides, writing a thank-you letter can demonstrate the level of your personal development. 
  •  When you have got a job, an invitation for an interview, or anything else: One reason why people need coaches is their willingness to find a job. In many cases, the mentor’s work bears fruit – people get a job or invitation for an interview. When it happens, you should definitely thank your adviser for that, as you got what you were searching for.  
  •  After your mentorship has ended: When your mentorship has come to an end, look back and think about the time you have spent with your coach. And here, writing a letter of thx can be very helpful. In addition, this way, you recognize the contributions your adviser has made for you and your development. 

Some tips on how to make a thank-you letter significant 

Of course, just writing a letter of thx can bring some positive effects, but you can make it more significant. And below, you will know how you can do it:

  • Being honest: It is one of the most crucial things. Honesty can truly describe all your emotions. Besides, your coach will better perceive your letter if he sees that you honestly speak about what you feel. 
  • Giving concrete examples: If you describe a concrete event in your letter of thx, give some concrete details about it. This way, your coach will know what pieces of advice, recommendations, and training are more helpful for you. 
  • Describing the things that the adviser has done for you: When you write about your experience in the thank-you letter, add some words about what the coach has done for you. For every coach, it is important to know that he has influenced someone’s life. 
  • Assistance offering: The letter of thx can bring some benefits if you offer some assistance like making notes during the meeting or providing security of the conference place. 

How to send a letter of thx?

There are two ways to do it – the traditional way and sending an email. The advantage of sending emails is that the letter will be sent immediately. Besides, you can add some multimedia to your email – music, photos, video, anything that can enhance the experience. 

However, there is one case when the traditional letters beat emails. Yes, it takes some time to receive the conventional letters, but they can save them. Some people send traditional letters to provide their mentors with special materials working (paper, ink, etc.). Plus, a physical letter serves as a keepsake for your coach. 

Now, we will present to you a scheme of a typical letter of thx.

Dear (the name of your coach),

In the first paragraph, you should describe the reason why you write this letter. Besides, you should give a general overview of how your adviser has changed you. Therefore, this paragraph should include 3-4 sentences. 

In the second paragraph, you should explain why you have decided to write a letter of thx. You should clearly explain whether it refers to a particular event or a general reason. Here, you should use precise statements with references that will be understandable for your coach. Show your readiness for the changes that the events have caused. 

The final paragraph should include the information about what you have got after these events. Show your adviser that he has positively influenced you. Besides, you can offer a way to repay for all the things the mentor has done for you.

Regards (or the other word),

Your name

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