Internship Report

Any internship aims to develop professional abilities in the practical spheres of life. Since fellowships serve as a learning platform, reviewing the abilities you have gained is essential. In this post, you will know what every internship report should include. Besides, we will present to you a scheme of the typical internship report. 

Firstly, let’s understand what the report of the internship is. It is considered as brief information about the background and abilities you have gained in the organization. Most employers demand this summary to finish the training at the company. The report of internship plays a vital role since it shows what abilities and knowledge you have gained in the organization and how you have managed to use them. 

The report of internship contains the information about the experience you have got while working in the company – what position you have occupied, what tasks you have completed, and what abilities and knowledge you have gained. The report of your internship can serve as a possibility to improve the internship for the following applicants. 

When do we need to make the summary of the fellowship?

It is not an obligatory thing for all educational programs. But if it is required, you will need some time to make it. It can be helpful if you make some notes when getting training in the organization. Even if it is not necessary for employers, it can serve as a personal resource when reviewing this practice. 

The report of fellowship – how to prepare it?

In the report, you need to add the primary description about your fellowship. Besides, you need to give a general overview of what abilities you have gained while working in the organization. Although you must remember that you need to make it according to the employer’s instructions when making a report. They can require such information as task target dates, some content, formatting, etc. 

When you make a report of an internship, you need to make the following steps: make a cover sheet, write a contest list; add the reference information of the organization; describe your position and duties; say about the gained lessons and abilities; give the suggestions. Below, we will explain every step:

  • Make a cover sheet: The cover sheet must include your name, class, the company’s title, and date. This way, your report differs from the other reports that the interns make.
  • Make a contest list: It should be the first page of your report. This page is very helpful since it helps to read only the exciting parts for the readers. 
  • Add the organization’s reference information: When making a report, you need to add some information about the company’s history – the foundation date, its aim, values, tasks, etc. It will help the readers to have a better vision of what experience you have. 
  • Describe your position and duties in the company: The central part of your report is dedicated to your experience while working in the company. Before you describe your experience in detail, you need to say some words about your position and duties. This information will provide the readers with a clear understanding of your internship. Besides, it will be helpful to review your achievements in the job. 
  • Write about the lessons and abilities you have earned during the internship: It is the central part of your internship report. Here, you need to speak about the lessons and the skills you have gained. We recommend connecting these abilities with the experience that you have got while studying. Additionally, you should give a detailed description of the things you have experienced and how it has impacted your professional development. 
  • End the report with your suggestions: In this part, you can say some words about the abilities you still want to gain. For instance, you wanted to work more directly with the clients; or you wanted to be more engaged in marketing. These suggestions aim to give two things – for you to understand what abilities you want to develop in your next position: and for employers to enhance the internship for the following applicants.  

When you prepare a report, always remember that it will be read by many people – managers of internship and company’s administrators. Moreover, your groupmates and school management can also look at your report if the internship constitutes a part of your studies. That is why; the report must be done in the professional method of communication. Besides, before sending, carefully read and edit it if necessary. 

A scheme of how to make a typical report of internship

While writing a report, you can use various samples (there are many of them), but you must include two essential things – important information about the employer and the lessons you have learned. Besides, you can include some information about your improvement. 

If you do not know how to make an internship report, we will leave you a scheme of it below.

  1. Cover sheet – your name, class, dates of the internship, title of the organization
  2. Contest list – information about the organization, description of the training, experience general review, suggestions. 
    • The point “information about the organization” includes the foundation date of the company, its aim, its role in the community, and the reasons you have chosen this company for your internship. 
    • In the “description of internship” point, you need to describe your position and duties in the organization.
    • In the “experience general overview” point, you should tell about what experience you have gained and how you have developed your abilities.
    • The ‘suggestions”  point contains the information about what abilities and experience you wanted to get while getting an internship (or you want to have when on your next job). 
  3. The final part of the internship report is summing up how the gained experience has impacted you as a professional. 

Now you know how to write a report of the internship. We hope our tips will be useful for you to make an excellent internship report.

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