What to know about SAT testing

You can interpret the results of your test in two ways: in accordance to your abilities and the score you expect and in relationship to the score range and averages for various colleges. SAT is a renowned test and every student who seeks to gain entry to a prestigious college should take SAT seriously. SAT test is handled by a majority of the juniors either in March or May. Others choose to wait until the senior year comes. Prepare for the SAT test by taking a few actual tests before the d-day for the test. Since most colleges admit students who have aced the SAT subject tests. It is therefore important if you study and pass the SAT subject tests.

Mark the date for your SAT test

It is recommended that junior students should take at least one SAT examduring the spring. This should not be misconstrued to mean that the junior students should rush for the test in winter or fall. Once you take the SAT subject test or SAT test, the score that you get will be displayed on your report, and this will be relayed to colleges during the senior year. It is not advisable to send the score that you get in the junior spring.

What do admission officers look for from the SAT tests

BY now you should have known that the old writing test for SAT II is no longer available. However, the interpretation of the results will be similar to the current SAT test since the two have no much difference between them.

You should know that the essay you write can be viewed by the selecting colleges should they choose to do so. This essay can be compared to the application essay that you wrote as well as the grades that you scored in grammar. This will give a better understanding of your profile.

The reading section based on evidence call for your ability to read, comprehend, and analyze certain given passages. The stories carry similar themes and your answers should be critical enough. Moreover, in the writing section, show your prowess and ability to better a given text.

The Mathematics section requires you to show if you have mastered Algebra II. You are advised to skip the first SAT test if you are studying algebra as a junior student.

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