Is the lSAT Difficult: compare with UCAT and BMAT

ISAT is the International Student Admissions Test, used by many colleges and universities to assess whether or not international students are prepared for academic study in the United States. The test is considered to be one of the most difficult standardized tests, with a pass rate of only about 50%.

Here you will read about:

  • What is the ISAT?
  • Is ISAT difficult?
  • How to prepare yourself for ISAT?
  • How to apply for the test?
  • FAQs

What Is ISAT Test For?

The ISAT is a 3-hour computer-based test that measures your skills and abilities that are important for doing well in college. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) created the exam independently and it is now used by many colleges and universities in the US as part of their admissions criteria for international students.

This test is destined for those who want to study in the United States. Medical students can also take UCAT and BMAT tests and here we will tell a little bit more about their difference. So, ISAT is usually referred to when students want to enter an undergraduate program in an American university.

UCAT is a test that is required for getting into medical school in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. And BMAT is an entrance exam for applicants to Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine/Science in the UK and Singapore.

The ISAT is graded in units. The following topics are covered by the examination:

  • Critical reasoning – The questions are from the humanities and social sciences fields and involve comprehending, analyzing, evaluating, and extending concepts.
  • Quantitative reasoning – You’ll be asked questions that appear to be from the disciplines of math and science, with answers in support of your character’s personality.

So, there are in total 100 questions with multiple choices that you should pass in 3 hours.

Getting into medical school is the most challenging aspect. It’s worth it once and for all. However, we assure prospective Medical School applicants that securing a place to study Medicine at an Undergraduate/Postgraduate level in the United Kingdom, Australia, or Asia is not difficult. But do you have any idea how to prepare completely?

Is ISAT Difficult?

For many individuals, the ISAT is a difficult exam to complete. It’s unlike any other test you’ve ever taken. The ISAT requires students to process information and make judgments on a deadline. These talents are not frequently covered in schools.

For example, if you take the math section, some of the questions will ask you to interpret data and solve problems in a short amount of time. The critical reasoning portion asks test takers to read long passages and answer questions based on their understanding of the text. This is a difficult task for individuals who have not been trained to do so.

The best way to prepare for the ISAT is by using practice tests that are available online. These tests will give you an idea of what to expect on the day of the exam. Use companies that create their own questions, so you can be confident that the material is accurate.

However, instead of talking about how difficult this exam is, let`s look at some figures. The percentile ranking is the percentage of test-takers who achieved a score equal to or lower than the one obtained by the candidate.

The Overall Score is used in order to determine an individual’s percentile rank. A student with an Overall Score of 183 has a percentile rank of 81, indicating that their score was greater than that of 81 percent of other test-takers. The candidate falls within the top 20% of the test-taking population over time.

How Can You Prepare Yourself for This Test?

There are actually a few things you can do to help make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the ISAT test. First, be familiar with the types of questions that will be on the test. There are four main sections on the ISAT: reading, math, science, and writing. Spend some time looking over practice questions for each section so that you know what to expect.

Second, create a study schedule and stick to it. Dedicate a certain amount of time each day or each week to studying for the test. This will help ensure that you don’t try to cram everything in at the last minute and end up feeling overwhelmed.

Finally, take some practice tests. This will not only help you get used to the format of the test, but it will also help you identify any areas where you need to focus your studies. There are a number of online resources that offer practice tests for the ISAT.

By following these tips, you can help make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the ISAT test.

Is ISAT Math Difficult?

When it comes to the math section of the ISAT, there are a few things that can make it difficult. First, some of the questions will ask you to interpret data and solve problems in a short amount of time. This can be difficult for individuals who have not been trained to do so.

Second, the math section covers a wide range of topics. This means that you may need to brush up on some concepts that you haven’t used in a while. Finally, the math section is timed, so you’ll need to be able to work quickly and accurately under pressure.

The best way to prepare for the math section of the ISAT is by using practice tests that are available online. These tests will give you an idea of what to expect on the day of the exam. Use companies that create their own questions, so you can be confident that the material is accurate.

In addition, try to find practice tests that are timed so that you can get used to working under pressure. And make sure you brush up on all of the topics covered in the math section so that you’re prepared for anything that could come up.

ISAT Science: Things to Pay Attention To

When answering the questions of this section, one should be careful not to generalize the concepts learned in class. Also, beware of making careless mistakes – it is easy to do so when time is limited.

Moreover, another thing to take into account is that the order of the questions is usually based on increasing difficulty. So, if you find a question too difficult, it is better to skip it and come back to it later rather than spend too much time on it and risk not having enough time for the rest of the test.

To sum up, doing well in the ISAT science section requires careful reading, attention to detail, and good time management skills.

How to Apply for the Test and What do You Need for It?

If you definitely decided to take ISAT, you should know the requirements and the process of application. To apply, you will need:

  • A completed form
  • Your ID
  • Two recent passport photos
  • The application fee
  • Any additional required documents

The application fee is non-refundable and must be paid in order to have your application processed. Once you have gathered all of the required materials, you can submit your application online or by mail. Make sure to submit your application well in advance of the deadline so that you don’t run into any delays.

After you have applied, you will need to take the test on a computer at an approved testing center. You will be given a list of approved testing centers when you apply for the test. Make sure to pick a center that is convenient for you and that has available dates that work with your schedule.

You will also need to create an account on the website of the testing company in order to register for the test and schedule your appointment. Once you have registered, you will be given a confirmation number that you will need to bring with you on the day of the test.

On the day of the test, make sure to arrive early and bring your confirmation number as well as a valid form of ID. You will not be allowed to take the test without these items.

What’s Next?

After you have taken the ISAT, your results will be sent to the schools that you designated when you applied for the test. The schools will then use your results, along with other factors, to decide whether or not to admit you.

If you are not admitted to your first-choice school, don’t despair. There are many great schools out there, and you are likely to find a good fit if you keep looking.

In conclusion, the ISAT is an important test that can have a big impact on your future. Make sure you are prepared by using practice tests and studying all of the topics covered in the math and science sections.

What If You didn`t Pass?

If you didn’t pass the ISAT, don’t worry. Do keep in mind that if you fail the ISAT, your result will be released within one week of the test sitting and are deemed valid for two years. You may only take the test once every 12 months (estimated from the previous test date), so be sure to plan ahead. If a candidate takes the ISAT more than once, all sets of scores become available to institutions. And that’s it! Good luck on your ISAT journey.


What is a high ISAT score?

The summary information is also displayed at the top of the report. Level 4 signifies that your student has exceeded performance criteria. Level 3 implies that your student has met performance criteria. Level 2 indicates that your student has come close to achieving standards but hasn’t quite done so yet. A level 1 signifies that your student has not yet met performance criteria.

Is a calculator allowed in ISAT?

No, a calculator is not allowed as well as any type of smartwatch or wearable device. That is obvious, but the rules also state that candidates are not allowed to have their phones on them during the test, even if they are turned off. If you are caught with any type of smart device on your person, you will be asked to leave and your test will be voided.

Can you move the date of the exam?

Sometimes we feel blue and ISAT may not be the only thing on our minds. If something comes up and you need to move your test date, you may do so as long as it is more than 7 days before your originally scheduled test date and you have not already taken the test. You will have to pay a rescheduling fee of $50.

To change your test date, log in to your account on the ISAT website and select the “Change Test Date” option. From there, you will be able to select a new test date that is available. Be sure to pick a date that you are available for and that works with your schedule.

What about special accommodations?

The ISAT is an important test, and we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to do their best. If you have a disability or medical condition that requires special accommodations, you may request them when you register for the test. Some common accommodations include extra time, a private room, or a braille version of the test.

To request accommodations, you will need to submit documentation of your disability or medical condition to the testing company. The documentation must be from a qualified professional and must be received by the testing company at least 21 days before your scheduled test date.

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