SAT Essay: Optional, Required, or Discontinued?

Attempting SAT’s Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) sections is a must for those students who choose the SAT option for entering a college. But what about the essay? Should you better have it scored never to worry if it is obligatory in the college of your dreams? Or should you first investigate if … Read more

Sending Your SAT Results: What Are the Options?

Endless hours of preparation for your SAT are luckily over, and now it’s time to think of the next step. How will colleges know your results? Should you send it by mail, electronically, provide a copy of your online score report, or request the College Board to do it?  Below we shall tell you about … Read more

Bachelor’s Degree: How Many Credits Do I Need?

Approximately, for a bachelor’s degree, you will need to:    – get 120 college credits – learn 40 courses in 8 semesters – complete 360 hours of classwork – spend 720 hours on homework – study for 120 weeks in four years. It looks a bit confusing, doesn’t it? Well, let’s get into the specifics of … Read more

How Long Should I Wait for My ACT Scores?

The ACT does its best to release the results as soon as possible. However, it does not guarantee that you will get your scores exactly on the specified date. Instead, the institution commits to windows of time to report the results. The typical timeframe is between ten days and eight weeks. Here are the closest … Read more

Scholarships for Left-Handed Students –– Are They for Real in 2021?

Together with grants and loans, scholarships are a great way to pay for your higher education. And your accommodation, public transport, and even books also need funds. But in contrast to loans that will have to be repaid, grants and scholarships give you money at no cost. Of course, you want to consider every scholarship … Read more

What Is the Highest PSAT Score I Can Get?

There are three types of PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test) tests held by the College Board –– an institution that assesses your readiness for college. The College Board also helps students to succeed on their academic path. Two of the PSATs have their own highest scores. If you take PSAT 8/9, the highest total number … Read more

SAT Score Percentiles: How to Understand Them?

SAT score percentiles will help you understand whether you should retake your SAT this year.  Or if you want to work out your target percentile score before taking the test. Read on to find out all the details you may need to maximize your chances of entering the university this year. Let’s Start From the … Read more

When Can I Know My SAT Scores?

You attempted your SAT; now what? You have 2-3 weeks before the College Board publishes the results.  SAT Scores –– When to Expect? The College Board releases multiple-choice scores within 13-15 calendar days after the test day. Though, the 2021 June results will take 29 days to be released. If you did not opt for … Read more

PSAT Scores – PSAT to SAT conversion | Chart Calc

The PSAT, formerly known as the Pre-SAT, but now known simply by its own acronym, is a standardized test administered to 10th and 11th graders by the College Board. The College Board also administers the SAT, so the PSAT is commonly thought of as a student’s first exposure to SAT-style testing. The PSAT is also … Read more

GPA: How to Keep Your Score High

GPA (Grade Point Average) is a number that indicates a student’s performance. It is measured over a certain period and is used to rank students and see if they meet their academic requirements. There are several types of GPAs that people usually refer to in the US: high school core GPA, college (or career) GPA, … Read more