When Can I Know My SAT Scores?

You attempted your SAT; now what? You have 2-3 weeks before the College Board publishes the results. 

SAT Scores –– When to Expect?

The College Board releases multiple-choice scores within 13-15 calendar days after the test day. Though, the 2021 June results will take 29 days to be released. If you did not opt for the essay, your results would be sent to colleges within ten days after the release. And, if you wrote the essay, you will get its score during the next week after the multiple-choice test results. And within another ten days, colleges would receive your results. Here are several nearest 2021 year dates:

Test day: 24 March; multiple-choice results will be released on 9 April;

Test day: 13 April; multiple-choice results will be released on 30 April;

Test day: 27 April; multiple-choice results will be released on 14 May;

Test day: 8 May; multiple-choice results will be released on 21 May;

Test day: 5 June; multiple-choice results will be released on 14 July.

How Can I Get My Scores?

You can know your SAT scores at your College Board account online. Those who registered by mail will receive their results by mail too. You can make a phone call to Customer Service to know your scores. But please be prepared to tell your registration number, birthdate, credit card number, and expiration date.

If you need to get your old SAT scores, this can only be done by post or over the phone. 

Sending Scores to Colleges

Almost every college requires receiving your SAT results directly from the College Board. And every time you register for the SAT test, the College Board offers to send your results to four colleges at no extra fee. To have these four reports sent for free, you should request them at registration or no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on the ninth day after the test day. You still have these nine days to change the college even if you have already submitted your request. But there is no possibility to cancel sending reports once requested. 

If you decide to send your score reports after the scores are released, you will have to pay $12 per report. However, those students who have Fee Waivers can send an unlimited number of reports to colleges and universities. 

Rush Reports

The College Board has the option of sending your SAT score reports to colleges urgently. Such reports are called Rush Reports. They can be sent from 1 to 4 business days, excluding holidays and weekends. The Rush Reports are applicable to the scores you have already received, and, once ordered, such reports can not be canceled. You can’t change the college after you confirm the Rush Report. 

Though the College Board can send your data promptly, make sure the college you are applying to will be able to process your results before its own deadline. You can opt for a Rush Report online through your College Board account, by phone, or by mail. With postal services, you should always try to make arrangements beforehand as there may be unexpected delays. 

Score Choice

Earlier, every SAT result was sent to the chosen college. This put high pressure on students and was incredibly frustrating once the results were poor. If you requested the College Board to send them, colleges got them.  

Now schoolers are lucky to have the possibility to control which result they want to share. If you are among those students who attempted several SATs, you can choose only the best result to be sent to college. You can do this through online Score Choice.

To take full advantage of the Score Choice, you will have to pay an extra fee for each sent report. This is because you can opt for free sending only before you actually know the results. But this is not a bad option, in the end, as you can choose from all your results and eliminate the stress. You need to know that you can not send the combination of section scores from different test dates. For example, if in fall you got 700 for Math and 650 for EBRW and in spring it was vice versa, you will not be able to send 700 for Math and 700 for EBRW results. 

College SAT Score Policies 

Since there is no pass rate for the SAT, every college has its own assessment system, and reviewing SAT results is a part of this process, of course. And you should check this beforehand, as not all colleges adopt the Score choice option. The College Board has a comprehensive list of high schools and the score policies they use. Still, the possible options are:

Highest Section Scores Across Test Dates. This is the best policy for a student, as in contrast to the example above, this approach considers the best section results across all tests that you take. So, it would be beneficial for you to submit all the results to such colleges. You could even try attempting math with the first SAT and EBRW with the second. Well, of course, this is pretty risky and not an optimized solution, but this still may work. It’s you to decide whether to send all the results, but it’s in your interest to submit them all. 

Single Highest Test Date. This approach is still not that bad as your highest total score for one date will be combined from several results. But you are still free to send whatever results you think to be the best without any worry. Sending all the results will also not damage your performance. 

All SAT Scores Required. Such universities will consider your every result when making a decision about your admission. You will have to work hard with this option. But do not panic as there are plenty of SAT tutoring proposals: starting from the College Board SAT Practice program and finishing with private offers from Study Point, PrepScholar, Latutors 123, and many others. The studies show that students who attempt two SATs get some bonuses from it. However, three and more exams are not that beneficial in terms of efforts, time, and budget. 

I Don’t Want My SAT Scores to Come Out.

It can happen to anyone. Sometimes you don’t feel confident and want to cancel your SAT results still sitting at the test center. Luckily, the College Board gives you such an opportunity, but with a paper form only. The simplest way is to ask your test coordinator for the Request to Cancel Test Scores Form. This is a one-page form that you need to complete. It is mandatory to sign the cancellation form before giving it back to the coordinator. Otherwise, it will not be valid. 

But if you decided to cancel your SAT results after leaving the test center? Now the process will require a bit more effort from your side, but it’s still possible. You still need to submit a paper form before 11:59 p.m. ET the next Thursday. Send the signed form to the fax 610-290-8978 or by post to SAT Score Cancellation offices in Princeton or Ewing. Please note that you should label your document as “Attention: SAT Score Cancellation.”

How Often Can I Take the SAT?

US students can attempt SAT not only once or twice. These tests are held seven times a year: twice in spring (March, May), twice in summer (July, August), twice in fall (October, November), and once in winter (December). You can submit all seven and start attempting from your freshman year. However, it’s more efficient in terms of time, effort, and probably money to take only two. And this is what most schoolers do: try themselves at the end of their junior year and the beginning of the senior year.

You cannot ‘pass’ SAT because it only gives you your scores and compares them to benchmarks. But you can define your target score and keep studying to achieve it. Of course, the College Board gives you an understanding of the average level and good SAT score with its percentiles. However, the best tactic is to determine the entering requirements of the college you want to enter.

How Can I Register for the SAT, and How Much Will I Pay?

Registration Options and Deadlines

Usually, you have to register for your SAT 30-31 days before the test date. Please note that not every date allows you to attempt all Subject Tests, and some dates do not offer this option at all. You can check the updated information on the College Board website. The College Board also allows late registration, which gives you another 10-11 days for mail registrations and 18 days if you register online or by phone. If you decide to opt for the mail registration, check if it is available on the chosen test date. And late requests will be charged. 

There is a possibility to make changes in the initial registration. Here are the options you have:

  1. If you made mistakes in your name, gender, or date of birth, you would not be able to take the test. Though you can make changes until the last Monday before the SAT (five days before the test date), do it as soon as you notice the discrepancy. Such changes often require mailing documents which can take longer than you think. This change is made for free through Customer Service.
  2. If you need to change the test date or center, you can make it through your College Board account for an additional fee. However, currently, these fees are waived. But please note that changing the venue is available only once the test coordinators have enough space, staff, and materials. 
  3. If you want to change the test format (add or remove the Essay section), you can do it for free. You will only have to pay the difference in core test price once you decide to include Essay.
  4. If your photo does not meet the requirements, you will not be eligible for the exam on the test date. You can upload a new photo through your College Board account, and the deadline is five days before the test date. This change is free.

After you make any of these changes, make sure to print out the updated admission ticket. If the administrators find any mismatches on your ticket, they can not let you take your SAT. 

Taking Your SAT Outside the US

If you know you will be out of the US when you will need to attempt the SAT, you need to opt for international registration. But remember that there is no late registration, so your phone, online, and mail requests should be submitted in advance. Also, note that dates, tests, venues, and fees may vary. So you always need to double-check the relevant information before applying. The 2021 international SAT dates are August 28, October 2, December 4. 

Registration Fees

SAT registration fee without an essay is $52, and with the essay section, it will be $68. If you are eligible for the Fee Waiver, no fees will apply. If you wish to register by phone, this will cost you $15 per call. Once you need to change the test center, test date, or switch from SAT to SAT with Essay section, you pay $30. A late registration fee of $30 applies when you missed the regular deadline but still have time before the late registration ends. The Waitlist fee of $53 will be charged only in case you are admitted to the test center on the test date. 

Other Score Services Fees

An additional score report (above the standard four) will cost you $12. For Rush Orders, you will have to pay $31 each. Once you want to get your results by phone, you’ll pay $15 per call. Requesting an already archived score costs $31. Multiple-choice test results verification by hand requires $55. The same fee applies to the verification of your essay. 

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