The most important technology skills

Generally, employers spend a lot of time searching for potential workers' talent. And no one does not manage to guess about his hidden potential. 

Depending on your experience and competencies you include in your summary and transmittal letter, the employer will decide whether to hire you. For this purpose, you need to impress the HR manager or your future boss. And to do it, you need to find a perfect balance between soft and hard abilities. Of course, communication skills play a significant role in the end, but that is the technical abilities that help reach the goal. In our article, we'll discuss the essential technology abilities every worker should have, plus we will share some examples of them. 

So, technology abilities (periodically, they refer to technical abilities group) imply your skill to perform the computer and other various technology tasks. These abilities comprise the hard skill type since you can acquire them in school or during alternative studies (like online courses or something else). 

As a rule, technology abilities can be scaled. And the employer will define your efficiency depending on your technology skills development level. If you want to be a great specialist in any sphere (art, math, or IT), you need to have computer abilities, at least, at the primary level.

The technology abilities: how to emphasize them in summary?

It does not matter how many abilities you have; you must include all of them in your job applying documents. When emphasizing, you need to take into account the following:

  • The things you can do better than anyone
  • The vacancy description and the required skills
  • Include only the appropriate abilities

 After determining the technology abilities the employer looks for, you need to mention them in your job applying documents. It would be best if you highlighted them the way to catch the potential employer's attention and make him push other candidates aside. For example, you can write a phrase along the lines of "I know how to solve _________" with a description of the problem and its solution.

An alternative way to emphasize your abilities is using a KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) list at the end of your resume. In this list, you need to include all technology skills from different spheres that are important for fulfilling the job requirements. The employer will read through every line and determine whether it's interesting for him or not. And if he thinks so, he'll contact you for an interview. You can get KSA examples – check out our blog posts about them.

What are the required abilities?

  • Social media knowledge: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, QQ, WeChat

Social media are widely used in business. The department responsible for promoting any product or service needs people with the appropriate social media abilities to manage their accounts and increase satisfaction among users.

  • Data processing : Excel, data analysis using software like SPSS, SAS

Today it is necessary to have good statistical skills since many companies use them as a basis of the decision-making process. In addition to that, every company uses customer databases for better targeting customers' demands and getting one-to-one correspondence from different spheres. For this reason, you need to have strong analytical and statistical abilities if you want to be a successful specialist in this sphere.

  • Database programming : Oracle SQL, IBM DB2

Database programming is complex and responsible work. If you want to be an experienced specialist in this sphere, you need to spend a lot of time on self-education and studying all the features of the most popular databases since every one of them has its own requirements for data structures.

  • Web development : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or Ruby on Rails

Businesses need web developers with a good understanding of HTML5/CSS3 technologies (for developing responsive websites), Javascript (for interactive elements like add-ons), and PHP or Ruby on Rails for backend technology. A frontend developer must have experience in working with the Bootstrap framework too. To sum up, a modern web developer needs to know how to code using different technologies. The "programming language of the day" makes it necessary to constantly update your knowledge.

  • Cloud technologies : Azure, AWS

Cloud technologies are still in demand in the business sphere despite their high cost since they provide fast and safe data storage with flexible configuration possibilities. Of course, there are many free cloud services, but they are not suitable for large companies that need sophisticated configurations. Azure is one of the most popular cloud platforms among large companies due to its security features, strong management panel, and a rich suite of developer tools (visual studio). AWS is more frequently used by startups that cannot afford Microsoft licenses or professionals that have specific programming needs which are satisfied by Amazon Web Services  (AWS).

The technology abilities and their types

 Since there is a big technology variety, the new technology abilities constantly appear. But there're some basic technology competencies that every worker should have:

  • Computer literacy – No matter what job and sphere, you need to have the primary computer abilities. They include – turning on and off the computer, dealing with the Internet, and setting up simple software or program. These abilities imply such tasks as managing MS Office, sending e-mails, making presentations, working with social media, etc.
  • Data administration – Data administration and its storage are among the most significant technology aspects since everybody needs to use any data if necessary. With such abilities, you can work as a data manager or developer. There are some database abilities contingent on the platform where this data's been made or where it's used. If you can deal with such platforms, you definitely should include them in your job applying documents. 
  • Network administration – Another essential ability for many spheres and sectors. If you have the primary network abilities, you can work at any company dealing with data management or databases. Usually, such companies include banks, telecommunication companies, etc.
  • Network security – This ability becomes more important due to cyber threats nowadays. The primary goal of a network security specialist is to protect your firm from internet hackers and other vulnerabilities that may damage your infrastructure. Usually, this person works as a system administrator who has in-depth knowledge in all security layers in order to guarantee protection from outside threats in time. One more reason why you should emphasize your primary network security skills when applying for jobs via email or online services
  • Website creating – This competence comprises such abilities as computer language knowing (CSS or HTML), SEO, analytical capability, etc. If you don't have such abilities, it is not a big problem. You can simply mention your contribution to the website creating and related to your skills.  For example, you may be the person who has helped to make the website's structure more user-friendly.
  • Programming – Sometimes it can be really useful to know at least one programming language. But you should choose the right platform (JavaScript, C++, Python etc).
  • Electronic marketing – This competence refers to your ability to communicate with the target group via different gadgets and online platforms. It comprises the following abilities – content management, writing, video, and graphic design, SEO, and others. 
  • Data analysis – Using different analytical methods, a business intelligence analyst (BI) analyzes the data received from different sources. From time to time it can be really important to highlight your primary abilities in this sphere.
  • Information security – This ability is so significant due to cyber threats nowadays. The basic goal of an information security specialist is to protect your company from outside threats and vulnerabilities that might damage the structure of the firm. Usually, this person works as a system administrator with extensive knowledge of all security layers in order to guarantee protection from cyber-attacks at any moment. One more reason why you need to emphasize your primary information security skills when applying for jobs via email or Internet service providers.
  • Project administration – It implies various strategies and instruments used for reaching the goal in time. This competence requires soft and technical capabilities. This group refers to such abilities as time management, performance monitoring, project planning, financial modeling, team administration, and others. 
  • Cybersecurity – Sometimes also known as security of information technology, it comprises the safety of computer systems and webs from various damages (like data theft or computer failure). Nowadays, when there're many hacker attacks, this ability is essential. It includes such skills as programming, informatics, forensics, development of software, communication, etc. If you do not have any cybersecurity abilities but come with informatics or software engineering competencies, you can bravely submit applications for such positions. 

Technical abilities and working on them 

Today, thanks to the Internet, there're many possibilities to develop your abilities in any sphere. And it also refers to technical abilities. So, how to develop them? There are several ways:

  • Read various literature on the topics you are interested in
  • Ask the employer to involve you in the projects where you can get good practice and acquire necessary technical competences
  • Pass online courses (thank God, there are plenty of them today) and study the subjects you like
  • Use the off-class activity and workshop participation for acquiring necessary technical abilities
  • If your employer offers you any technical courses or training, don't miss this chance and participate in it. 

 All these activities will require time, of course, but eventually, it will definitely pay off! So if you really want to become an experienced specialist in your sphere of activity, there's nothing to be upset about. You just need to apply yourself and spend some time on self-development every single day. And soon you'll receive an opportunity to achieve success!

So, if everything is clear, let's see how we can include our technical abilities in our summaries.

Many experts recommend making a special section in the summary to which you can include all your technical competencies. You can do it in any form you like – simply listing them or making a list of them. 

Besides, you need to carefully examine every job description to know what abilities you should include. And never send the generic summary – or you risk failing at the first stage.

For example, company X looks for a website creator. In this case, you need to tell about all your experience in website creating and mention all related abilities you have (like knowing any computer language or SEO). This way, you'll make your potential employer see that you have the relevant competence and can fight for this position. 

In the end, we will give some recommendations on how to make your abilities constantly current. The recipe is simple – to continuously work on them. You need to read the literature related to interesting technical subjects, pass online and offline courses, participate in various workshops, and use all possibilities your company offers. This way, your abilities will always be up-to-date, and you'll be a true professional in your sphere.  

And, at last, it is necessary to mention that add-ons (like certificates and other documents confirming your competencies) will also help you get a job.

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