Pre-Employment Drug Test: 20 Jobs That Don’t Require It

In 2021 cannabis was decriminalized in 36 states of the USA. That's more than half of the territory of the country. Consequently, employers started to check new applicants for probable drug addiction. This is understandable, as they want to hire reliable workers. Even when your marijuana perception is 'justified' by medical or recreational recipes, there are jobs you can not be eligible for, though. From the potential worker's perspective, you probably want to avoid any additional pre-employment medical tests, especially when you have nothing to do with cannabis. 

We have prepared a list of jobs that do not require a drug test in 2021. Let's take a look at which ones could be good for you.

20 Jobs You Won't Need a Drug Test For

We have classified the jobs for you according to the background level. Also, we have included several remote positions since such type of work has been very popular during the last year. For a better understanding of the salaries, you will see an hourly rate and annual wage stated. However, both numbers are average and should not be treated as an offer. 

Entry-Level Jobs

Dog Walker 

Annual Salary: $26,000

Hourly Rate: $12

If you like dogs and walking, then this might be the right fit for you. You can take one or several dogs outside during one day. Sometimes, people can ask you also to take care of their pet(s) during the day.


Annual Salary: $23,000

Hourly Rate: $11

This position is usually available in hotels, private houses, and offices. It involves replacing bedding, towels, vacuum cleaning, wiping the dust, etc.


Annual Salary: $30,000

Hourly Rate: $14

Cashiers can work at gas stations, grocery stores, and various retail shops. Typically, they accept payments in cash or by card and have to keep their workplace clean.

Jobs That Require Background

Personal Fitness Trainer

Annual Salary: $38,000

Hourly Rate: $18

This job is ideal for those who like to be active, fond of sports, and enjoy work-out motivation. You can work privately or in a fitness center.


Annual Salary: $31,000

Hourly Rate: $15

This position requires creativity. However, you will be dealing with various locations and occasions. Often photographers are self-employed and work as freelancers.


Annual Salary: $33,000

Hourly Rate: $16

You will work in the beauty sphere, and help take care of and even cure someone's face skin. Also, these people can make popular ‘beauty injections.’ 

Dog Trainer

Annual Salary: $28,000

Hourly Rate: $13

Training a dog is not just walking with it. You take a dog for sessions where it learns to understand commands. Most dog trainers work privately.

Interior Designer

Annual Salary: $48,000

Hourly Rate: $23

If you like to arrange cozy apartments and make home spaces functional, this position is for you. It requires not only creativity but the ability to locate and combine various elements.


Annual Salary: $42,000

Hourly Rate: $20

If you like investigation, research, and writing, journalism is a good fit for you. You can write anything from the gossip about celebrities to news in national politics –– all this relates to journalism.

Film Producer

Annual Salary: $64,000

Hourly Rate: $31

If you like creating movies and have a financial background, a film producer should be your choice. But apart from creativity, this job requires a high level of commitment and planning skills.


Annual Salary: $44,000

Hourly Rate: $21

These people work in restaurants and cafes, managing the process of cooking food for customers. Chefs require profound culinary skills and the ability to work rapidly.


Annual Salary: $55,000

Hourly Rate: $26

Flower shops or grocery stores usually employ florists to design various compositions of flowers. You’ll also do routine cutting and storing of flowers.

Real Estate Agent

Annual Salary: $100,000

Hourly Rate: $48

These agents help people rent, buy, or sell apartments, houses, or business property. They help with contracts and various documentation supporting the deals.

General Manager

Annual Salary: $40,000

Hourly Rate: $35

Typically, these employees manage the work of their colleagues in a department. GMs are responsible for their team’s smooth and coordinated operation, so they need to be leaders by nature to succeed.

Remote Jobs 


Annual Salary: $54,000

Hourly Rate: $26

Creativity, together with perfect command of English –– are essential for writing engaging and valuable content. Writers can work as freelancers or be hired by agencies or businesses. 

Software Developer

Annual Salary: $68,000

Hourly Rate: $33

You need to know several programming languages to be a successful software developer. Often people come to this sphere from other jobs after attending some courses. This direction is very perspective, and salaries grow progressively.

Graphic Designer

Annual Salary: $46,000

Hourly Rate: $22

You will be responsible for delivering logos and illustrations before deadlines. But customers can often change their criteria, be unsure of what they really want, or ask you for advice. So, you have to be stress-resistant and creative at the same time. 

IT Consultant

Annual Salary: $76,000

Hourly Rate: $37

These people are hired to do the audit of a company's IT infrastructure. They can work for large corporations, private businesses and offer and implement optimized software solutions. 

Mobile App Developer

Annual Salary: $93,000

Hourly Rate: $45

Concerning the great demand for Android and iOS applications, these people are always hunted by various employers. These jobs boast the highest salaries, and developers often work remotely.

Computer Animator

Annual Salary: $73,000

Hourly Rate: $35

These people use various software to animate movies, cartoons, and shows. They draw with the help of computer technologies. Typically, computer animators work for professional studios; however, many of these specialists work as freelancers nowadays.

To Sum It Up

Though asking for a drug test is always a decision of the employer, some professions hardly require this test. Usually, recruiters have experience in detecting strange people, and in most cases, you will hardly be asked for a drug test. In any case, don't let this formality stop you from getting your dream job.


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