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Sometimes there are cases when we share our day of birth with someone whom we know. And if you have once celebrated your birthday at the office with your colleagues, you know that someday the birthday cake contains more names compared to other days. And not even days actually – sometimes people have a birthday in the same month! Sometimes people have the same birthday without even knowing each other!

This article will show you which are the most common birthdays, month by month. If you want to know if your birthday is among them, just continue reading.


The most common birthdays are January 2nd, 3rd, and 8th. These days have the least chance of being your only birthday that particular month! The reason for that is that people usually take their time in celebrating their birthday; we cannot celebrate it on December 31st because we don't want to spend New Year's Eve without our family and friends (and also because some countries like Bulgaria do not even celebrate New Year's Eve – but this is another story). Most people would rather postpone their birthday party until at least January 5th or 6th, and that's when these days come in handy.

For example, you and your colleagues at work decide to celebrate the boss' birthday only on January 8th. You will share his birthday with three other people: of course, himself, but also with two co-workers who celebrated their birthdays on January 3rd and 2nd respectively!


There are similar trends in February. The most common birthdays are February 5th, 6th, and 14th. So if there is someone else in your office who has a birthday on February 13th, they will be celebrating it together with seven other people; the reason for that is that some people celebrate their parent's birthdays (usually during winter vacations) and some celebrate their children's birthdays (usually on the weekends).

February is different compared to January because people usually do not want to spend their winter vacations working, especially in countries like Germany where the weather conditions are not that nice during this time. People would rather travel or meet their family members (so that it feels like they are not at work anymore), and ask for vacation days before February begins. So if you were born on February 13th, be sure that six out of your thirteen co-workers also celebrate their birthday on the same date!


If you were born in March, many happy returns! You share your birthday with eight other people; however, there are no "most common" birthdays here. The closest to being most common is March 3rd, which is also the reason why there are eight common birthdays in this month.

In fact, if you have a birthday on March 10th or 11th, be sure that one out of nine other people has the same birthday as yours!


Just like February, April is different compared to January and February because for some strange reason it is not a winter month – instead, it's a spring-summer transitional period. People enjoy their weekends and spend Easter time with their families. However, there are still popular days among those who celebrate their birthdays: April 5th and 30th. So if you were born on either day, be sure that seven out of eight co-workers will probably spend your birthday with you, since these days are celebrated by nine and ten people respectively!


The most common birthdays in May are May 2nd, 3rd, and 15th. The reason for that is that the end of school day coincides with these days; if children have a birthday at this time (and many do!) they will be celebrating it together with their close family members only. There isn't too much "outside influence" when it comes to May, so there aren't many people who celebrate their birthdays this month. However, if you were born on any of these three days, make sure that you won't spend your birthday alone: six out of seven co-workers share your same birthday!


June is summertime and people like to travel and "spread their wings", so they don't think about celebrating birthdays. However, there are some popular dates: June 9th and 16th; both of them are celebrated by seven people (and the only difference between these two days is that one is a Tuesday and another one's a Thursday). If you were born on either day, make sure that six out of your seven co-workers will spend your birthday with you!


If you have a birthday in July, be ready for a party! That's because this month has three popular birthdays: July 4th, 5th, and 14th. So if someone in the office was born on any of these three days, let them celebrate with six out of their eight co-workers.


August is usually a quiet month in terms of birthdays, but if you are born on August 3rd or 13th it's time to celebrate! That's because six out of seven people share your birthday, so make sure you call all your friends and invite them over to celebrate the occasion with you… And since almost everyone is invited, you can be sure that there will be enough food for everyone! Just make sure that if you were born on either of these two days, don't spend your birthday alone: get five friends together and go somewhere exciting to ensure that this day would be remembered forever.

Although August isn't known for its birthdays, there is one well-known birthday: August 15th. And we all know why – it's the last day of summer vacation and kids usually go back to school on this day. So if you were born on August 15th, spend your birthday with five out of six other people!


The most common birthdays in September are September 13th and 21st. This is the last "summer" month before autumn begins; people usually spend their time on vacations or traveling (hence why there aren't as many people as those who celebrate their birthdays in May). If you were born on one of these two days, ensure that at least five out of six co-workers share your same birthday – enjoy a small celebration with them!


If you were born in October, the most common birthdays for this month are October 5th and 12th – so if someone else from your office was born around this time too, then ensure that they have at least four other celebrating colleagues with them!


November is usually a quiet month, but if you were born on November 11th (or the 2nd, according to the new calendar), make sure that you spend your birthday with at least four out of seven other people. However, there is one common and well-known birthday: November 29th! That's because most people celebrate Thanksgiving on this day; it's a popular holiday in many countries and its date coincides with someone's birthday most of the time… It also happens to be celebrated by nine people (which makes it more special than any other birthdays in this article). So if you want to celebrate your birthday together with others who share your same birthday, then ensure that you get eight friends together next year! And if you were born on November 29th, celebrate with nine out of ten people!


December is the last month in this article and like November it's also a quiet month (people usually spend time with their families at home or gather together somewhere festive). However, if you were born on December 14th; make sure that at least four other co-workers celebrate your birthday with you. There are six common birthdays within this month: December 1st, 8th, 9th, 22nd, and 26th – all of them are common for three or more people to share their birthdays. So if someone was born on one of these dates, ensure that they have at least five celebrating friends with them!

So, now, here, the question comes – what is the most popular date of birthday? To know this, we took the data from the FiveThirtyEight source. We took the number of the birthday of every day from 1994 to 2014.

In its turn, this set of data is based on the birthday information from 1994 to 2003 years taken from National statistics establishments. Besides, it includes birthday data between 2000 and 2014. If there are more born kids on average, it means that there are more common days of birth.

Now, let’s see what the most popular dates for birthdays are.

The top ten implies the following dates:

  • September ninth
  • September nineteenth
  • September twelfth
  • September seventeenth
  • September tenth
  • July seventh
  • September twentieth
  • September fifteenth
  • September sixteenth
  • September eighteenth

As we can see, the most popular month when the kids are born in September – nine of ten birthdays are the top. There’s only one date of birth that’s not in September, and it comes three days after American Independence Day.

If you want to know more common birthdays, we’ll give you detailed statistics.

It includes two figures: date and baby birth average number. So, let’s go:

  • September ninth – its average number of birth is over 12,300 babies
  • September nineteenth with more than 12,200 average baby birth number
  • September twelfth – 12,224 births
  • September seventeenth – almost 12,150 kids births
  • September tenth – a little bit more than 12,140 births
  • July seventh – more than 12,100 baby birth
  • September twentieth – with an average number of 12,107 birth
  • September fifteenth – over 12,000 births
  • September sixteenth – 12.072 births
  • September eighteenth – 12,055 births.

Now, we’ll name the second top ten common birthdays:

  • December twentieth – almost 12,010 baby births
  • September twenty-sixth – a little bit more than 11,900
  • September eighth – 11,992
  • September twenty-third – 11,974 births
  • December twenty-ninth – over 11,500 births
  • August eighth – more than 11,300 births
  • September twenty-fourth – 11,945 baby births
  • July eighth – 11,944 births
  • December nineteenth – 11,935 births
  • August twenty-ninth – 11,924 births.

And the third top ten common birthdays is the following:

  • August fifteenth – over 11,900
  • September twenty-second – 11,920
  • December thirty – almost 11,900 births
  • September fourteenth – a little bit more than 11,880
  • September twenty-fifth – 11,866
  • September twenty-seventh – 11,861
  • July first – 11,860
  • December twenty-eighth – over 11,850
  • August ninth
  •  July second – a little bit more than 11,800

As we’ve seen now, the winner of the birthday month is September – many children are born this month. In any case, no matter when it’s your birthday, we wish happy birthday to all of us, to you and everybody who’s read our article.  

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