Jobs That Don’t Require Background Checks

Some people do not want their background to be checked due to personal reasons, and we respect that, which is why we are bringing a list of various jobs that do not require background checks when they hire you.

It must be understood that background checks are carried out at the discretion of employers. Some companies have strict rules and require background checks before hiring every team member, but some do not have this process.  So if you are trying to avoid a background check, make sure the company you apply for does not require one.

  1. Non-profit organizations – most non-profits do not carry out background checks and they don't even ask about your background. The only instance where they do this is when there is a criminal history of child abuse or sexual misconduct, in which case it is mandatory to report these charges.
  2. Retail Stores – retail stores such as Target and Walmart usually hire hourly workers without carrying out any pre-employment screening or checking backgrounds. They will just put an application form forward and then see if you get the job based on that. So if this sounds like a dream come true for you, we suggest you apply immediately!
  3. Hospitals – hospitals recruit a lot of people without performing proper background checks, and this is a risky business because they let just about anyone work in a hospital. Background checks are usually done before or after employment once there have been some problems with employees that have already been hired.
  4. Warehouse – warehouse jobs also do not require any pre-employment screening so you can go through the hiring process without worrying about your previous record being checked. Even if the company requires a background check at a later stage, it may not always turn up anything relevant as most companies perform limited checks only for certain positions such as cashiers and sales managers to find out if there were disputes between employees and customers in the past which might escalate into something big again.
  5. Landscaping Business- in this business, the only background check you should worry about is a credit report, and not even that is common in all companies.
  6. Retail- when you apply for a job at a retail store such as Walmart or Target, they usually don't even ask about your background during the hiring process because it isn't compulsory to carry out checks like this before recruitment.
  7. Restaurants – restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King do not hire employees who require background checks; however, there has been an increase in the number of background checks being carried out recently due to many safety issues that have come up with potential employees in the past few years.
  8. Cleaning Services – cleaning services businesses hire a lot of receptionists and housekeepers but they don't carry out background checks at the time of recruitment. In fact, they may not even ask for any reference from your previous job when you apply for a cleaning service position. So if you have been dismissed from your last job in disgrace, this is an excellent opportunity to get back on track!
  9. Car Washes – car washes hire many employees without carrying out background checks so it's a great place if you want to go back to work but avoid a criminal report being made public about past convictions.
  10. Bars/Nightclubs – bars and nightclubs hire bouncers and staff members for their establishments daily but these positions are usually filled by ex-convicts who have been released from prison on license. They have to review the individual before writing a character reference so they usually carry out some kind of background check on them.
  11. Home Care – home care businesses hire caretakers without carrying out criminal screenings because they think it is unjust to discriminate against anyone with a previous record, unlike most other business positions that require at least one or two years of experience in addition to a clean record. However, there are instances when companies do carry out pre-employment screening and checks for this position and if you end up coming across such a company then we suggest you don't apply for the job.
  12. Limousine Services – Limousine services also hire chauffeurs without carrying out any detailed pre-employment checks because it is believed that experience in this field is more important than background; however, there are some companies that carry out background screenings for chauffeur jobs.
  13. Telephone Helpline – telephone helplines also hire employees without conducting detailed checks like many other companies, but if you happen to be applying for a job at the FBI or similar institution then you will have to go through extensive pre-employment assessment and screening which can take weeks so if you want a job urgently don't apply here!

When a background check is required

A background check is becoming a common requirement in many, if not all, businesses and organizations. The most common reason you need a background check is when applying for a new job or volunteering. Almost all government agencies require this to ensure a safe work environment; The major industries are education, finance, law enforcement, security, healthcare, and medicine.

Other reasons include international adoption, applying for certificates, licenses (like a driver's license or real estate permit), permits, handling guns, immigration, etc. As you can see, at some point in our lives we will all be required to do some sort of background check.

Yet, many companies are more than willing to work with people having criminal records who want to get back into the workforce. Let's have a look at the lists.

But first, what is a background check?

A background check is a government check of your criminal, school, and financial records in addition to your employment history. It focuses primarily on defining past criminal acts but does not necessarily encompass all other aspects unless a specific form is used.

For example, you need a CACI (Child Abuse Central Index) clearance if you work as a teacher or with children, and you need a firearms clearance if you are a security guard or work with guns. For employment, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) dictates what appears on an applicant's background check. Employers are subject to certain laws before they check consumer reports on new hires, so this is not the same for every company.

A background check depends on many factors such as state laws, company regulations, workplace, etc., but overall it is a method to ensure the protection of the employer and employees. There are several ways to perform a background check, the most accurate being live scan fingerprints.   

Employers can take the initiative from their side and conduct their own research online. Of course, this wouldn't tell you if the applicant has a criminal record, but it does give you an idea of the applicant's behavior outside of work. They can use social media as a tool to do a search and check applicants’ Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

Quick background checks: are they reliable?

There are many external (non-governmental) agencies online that advertise "instant background checks". This doesn't mean they can get the information they need right away, just that they'll search their database and let you know what they've found. The database these agencies use is public data obtained from the nationwide court and criminal records, law enforcement records, or a criminal investigation.

However, this data tends to be inaccurate as it is incomplete or out of date and does not come directly from the government. You can use this method as a backup if you want to do the government background check but not the main method. Also, some of these agencies actually charge higher fees than a government agency would conduct the background check. 

Most employers would use the FCRA method to obtain your personal information, but it may require more time and effort than they are willing to put in.

So what can I do if I have a criminal record?

If you have a criminal record or some other offense that will show up on a background check, there is still hope for gaining employment. Try searching for companies such as "People with Criminal Records," which allows you to search by state and city for places hiring people with histories of crime. This gives you an idea of who is willing to hire people with old offenses and provides advice on how to proceed during your job search process.  

There is also the chance that the company doesn't perform the type of check at all; they may ask if you have a record and if you answer "yes" most of the time they will withdraw the application. However, there are companies that don't require background checks or even credit checks with your Social Security number.

Another way to find jobs without a background check is to do a search for professions such as "bodyguard," "private investigator," or "bouncer." These jobs involve securing premises and/or people at any given time. They can be long term or seasonal depending on the employer or state regulations, but it's important to note that most of these professions do not require background checks because of their short-term nature. Be sure to talk with someone in charge before applying so you know what type of documentation is required.

Best-paying jobs that don't require a background check

These are some jobs that don't require a background screening and can help you make a lot of money.


Actors or actresses make $65,000 on average annually, which is quite good, but if you become famous, you will make it big. Getting into the industry is not easy and making yourself known among hundreds or thousands of people is even more difficult, but there is always a chance.

Most companies or studios and theaters that hire actors are not interested in your backgrounds, so mostly, there is no screening process.


A carpenter's average annual income is around $41,000, but you can make more or less depending upon your skill. In starting, you might make less, but as you gain more experience and improve your skill, you can charge whatever you want. 

Many companies hire carpenters in construction projects, and they only want the person to be a hard worker and do not care about their background.

Social Media Influencer

The general idea is if you are good at anything, make yourself known on the internet and increase your face value. Once you get some recognition, starting your brand can make a lot of money. It needs hard work and commitment, but it's not impossible.

Masonry Contractor

An average masonry contractor makes $62k annually, and this job is related to manual labor and skill. There is no need for a background check. If you can prove your skill to a company, you will make lots of money.

Truck Drivers

Truck driving is a great career. If there is nothing wrong with your driving record, you can make around $51,000 annually from truck driving.


Roofers are always in demand, and if you are not afraid of heights, this can be a good option for you. It's a high-paying job where you can make an average of $33k annually. As most companies are independently owned, background checks are very rare.


Starting a business depending on your own idea can be the finest job if you make the best out of your talent. You will certainly not need any background checks in your organization and when it comes to earning sky is the limit.


To cook meals, one does not require background screening because most restaurants only want clean and delicious food. A cook can earn around $44k on average.

 Final Thoughts

Scrutiny can be uncomfortable for many people, and it's not a good feeling when someone calls you in question. The jobs discussed above are only a part of countless jobs that you can acquire if you do not want a background screening.

Even if you have a criminal record, you should not be afraid because many organizations hire people convicted of crimes in the past.


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