Jobs for 14- and 15-year-olds

What is the minimum age to start working? According to American legislation, the minimum age is 14 years. But it doesn't signify that when you turn 14, you need to give up studying and start building a professional career. 

But if you decide to start working from this age, you need to know that every American state has its own job regulations for 14-year old workers. These regulations comprise working hours, a list of professions, employing norms, etc. That's why before employing or hiring a 14-year child, you should carefully study all laws and standards of the particular state. 

The main thing you should remember when dealing with 14-year old employees is that they deserve certain attention and care. They should be under constant supervision, not only because of the lack of experience or work mistakes (which happen even to adults) but also because such age groups are very vulnerable for shady companies and other employers trying to exploit them. Do your best so that your underage employees feel safe and comfortable at their workplace!. 

Now, we'll name several jobs for 14-15-year-old children and discuss general rules for hiring such workers. 


This job is a perfect choice for those who like coffee and spending time with people. Besides making coffee and dealing with guests, the barista's service also includes serving light food, doing light cleaning, dealing with the cashbox, etc. Thanks to this job, you'll get great experience and develop such abilities as problem solving, organization and clients' service. As for the salary, the barista can earn over $20.000 per year on average. It is worth mentioning that this job is the safest bet for underage workers. In addition, hanging out in a cafe can be an interesting learning experience both for 14-year olds and their more experienced colleagues.

If you are searching for a place to work or even plan to grow your own coffee shop someday, you should look for part-time jobs in cafes where you can get on-the-job experience while spending time with people and doing some light chores simultaneously. If you don't succeed in finding a cafe hiring 14-year olds at once, start by offering some free services until they see your potential. 

Retailer worker

If you want to work in the clients' service, this job is excellent. His duties can include everything – from welcoming clients and assisting them in finding the perfect goods to checking the shop. This job allows getting the knowledge about the specific sphere (it depends on the shop you work in), plus developing marketing, clients' service, and sales abilities. The middle retailer worker's wage is around $24.000 per year. It is necessary to mention that this job is mostly available for people over 16 years old. That's why if you are 14, focus on finding part-time jobs in retail shops.

The main thing about working as a retail employee is that it expands your knowledge about the sphere and allows developing specific abilities. It can be an excellent experience both for 14-year olds looking forward to building their careers and more experienced employees who want to switch spheres (and maybe open their own shops someday). 


In many organizations, there're warehouses with shelf stockings. It's not a hard job with any experience requirements, but it can significantly brighten the teenager's summary. Stockers can lift heavy objects depending on the company and job, but this profession helps you acquire productivity, reporting, and organization abilities. The stocker's middle annual wage comprises more than $25.000. It is worth mentioning that even though it is a safe and beneficial occupation for 14-year olds, you'll hardly find any part-time jobs in this sphere.

Like we said above, the main reason why this job is almost unavailable for underage employees is that it requires physical strength and endurance. If you want to become a stocker as early as possible, apply only to those companies where heavy lifting isn't required. And don't forget about the importance of reporting – these abilities can be developed by asking older colleagues or clients themselves. 


This job includes anything from assembling goods and cooking meals to construction and transportation. A laborer's workday may belong with little pay (roughly $18.000 per year), but it is a great experience for your future career. Besides, if you're industrious and ready to work hard, this job can become an excellent starting point on your way to success. It is worth mentioning that most companies hiring 14-year olds offer part-time jobs in this sphere because it's the youngest age allowed for working as a laborer.

14-year olds whose physical strength allows heavy lifting should look for construction laborer jobs in industrial sites or transportation establishments. It is also possible to find a job at a local factory assembling goods which require more assembling than usual. If you are 14, don't forget about reporting – even though clients' service isn't necessary, it is always nice to know something about assembling goods in order to organize them on shelves in the future.


This job plays a significant role in any business. If the child likes dealing with money and meeting new people, he should think about this job. Like the stocker's job, this one also differs depending on the company and job. Nevertheless, it will help you acquire the necessary abilities like client service, detail focus, and productivity. When it comes to salary, it reaches more than $20.000 per year on average.

If you like solving new tasks, showing responsibility and persistence, this job is the right choice for you. Just remember that some banks do not allow 14-year olds, but there are still many opportunities available including part-time jobs. It will be hard to find a similar position with the same salary without any experience.

Game manager in the leisure park

Generally, leisure parks work for an extended period of the year (again, it depends on its location). Game managers are responsible for attracting people to play various games and observe the leisure park. Thanks to this job, you'll develop teamwork, responsibility, and detail focus abilities. As for money, the game manager can earn around $27.000 per year. If you want to become a game manager, you should learn how to work with different age groups. Also, it is important to develop your critical thinking and communication abilities because you'll need to make quick decisions when dealing with such an audience as teenagers.

As we've mentioned above, the main reason why 14-year olds can't get this job is their lack of experience and knowledge about playing various games – it takes time and practice to become a skillful game manager. If you love games, this occupation might be perfect for you – just remember that it will take some time for clients and colleagues to trust your skills. But don't give up! Like any experienced professional told us: "Experience is something you get when you didn't get what you wanted".

Personal trainer

It takes a lot of energy to become a personal trainer even at an early age. As for 14-year olds, you don't have much experience and likely, no knowledge about sports as well. However, if you're passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, this job can be perfect for you. It is common that trainers need assistants such as massage therapists or nutritionists who also work as volunteers – so try asking your parents or grandparents who exercise regularly to help you explore this area of activity, because it is important not only to know what the client should do but help him relax after training sessions too. Besides, if your relatives could recommend some kind of exercise for children and teenagers with disabilities (for example), it would be great as well.

If you want to become a trainer, keep in mind that it takes time and effort to learn everything about the human body – after all, your clients will trust your knowledge and abilities with their health. It is better to have a high school diploma if this job interests you because some states require it before being able to work as a personal trainer. It may also be helpful to take a course on first aid or CPR – just don't forget that it can't replace real experience which you'll gain only by working in the field.

Food bagger

As the teller, this job is an excellent opportunity to earn some money and understand the work of the food shop industry. Sometimes bagging can comprise heavy objects lifting, but here, you'll acquire the necessary ability to deal with various clients effectively. The average pay is more than $30.000 per year.

As for personal qualities, you should be able to work well under the pressure of timeframes. It will take roughly three months to understand how everything works in a supermarket so this position is not recommended for 14-year olds who are new to the industry.

Ice cream seller

It's one of the most preferred summer jobs among teens, and it teaches you clients service and working in a team. Depending on the ice cream shop, you can also deal with cash, take responsibility for equipment, and do light cleaning. The ice-cream seller's median salary comprises a bit more than $20.000 per year.


If you love kids and spending time with them, a nanny is an excellent job for you. The experience it gives is beneficial, especially for those who plan to become a teacher in the future. Nanny's job significantly develops such abilities as an organization, solving problems and responsibility. As a babysitter, you can earn approximately $20.000 for a year.

It takes time to find a family that needs your help. You might have to take care of the children before they go to school, watch them during working hours, and stay with them until their parents come home. It means you'll have no days off or holidays – however, if you enjoy spending time with kids, this job will be perfect for you.

Pet sitter

It can be a helpful job for those who love pets or taking care of pets' experience. Nowadays people travel a lot, that's why they need someone who will care about their favorites. If you want to work in the veterinary service, a pet sitter's experience can benefit you. The salary is the same as that of the babysitter – $20.000 per year.

If you choose this job, make sure to respect your clients' pets. You can earn extra money by walking them or playing with them. However, try to avoid the temptation of giving the animal more food than it really needs – takes responsibility for its health and well-being!

Golf assistant

Like leisure parts, golf locations work for an extended period of the year. It's a relatively simple job that doesn't require hard training or some experience. Golf assistant job can also comprise dealing with equipment, organization, and doing light cleaning, and help you develop the relevant abilities. As a golf assistant, you can earn around $24.000 per year.

It takes two to three weeks' training and after you get the job, it's better to be patient as this position requires a lot of energy as well as diligence. Keeping clients happy is essential for your career as a golf assistant – if they like what you do, they will come back!

Newspaper shipping

Yes, generally, newspaper delivery man starts working in the early morning, but this job can be very useful for teens. It does not demand any hard experience – all you need is a great mood, an amiable smile, and a great goal. The wage is over $25.000 per year.

You can take this job and deliver newspapers straight from the shelves to people's doors. It means that you do not have to go through snow or rain while working both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, there is a possibility to develop your selling skills by persuading customers to buy specific newspapers or magazines.


Many pupils cannot succeed in some subjects; that's why they look for tutors. So if you like some subjects and achieve great results in them, tutoring can be an excellent job for you, and it can serve as a perfect start for your future teaching career. On average, tutors can earn more than $30.000 per year.

You can choose to tutor one or several students at a time. Besides, you need to talk to them and find out more about their abilities and interests. No wonder tutoring is considered a job for teachers because it enables you not only to teach the material but also the methods of studying!


Many food places demand this profession, from fast-food restaurants to refined cuisine establishments. Before working in cafes where you can get tips, we advise working in fast-food restaurants to get some experience. As a server, you can earn around $20.000 per year.

 It is not a complete list of professions for 14-15-year-old teens. And now, let's see what the federal legislation guidelines are for such workers:

  • 14-15-year-old teens cannot more than eight hours per day
  • On school day they cannot work for over three hours
  • The maximum week work time can be eighteen hours
  • When there're no studies in the public schools, they can work a maximum of forty hours per week
  • They cannot work from 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m.

Besides, there're state guidelines that every employer also needs to follow. That's why before employing your child or hiring teens, you need to study all law guidelines carefully. 

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