I Do Not Know What Job I Want 

Once in our life, we have to choose our career. As everyone has their own way of the career path, the job choice can be a simple or rather challenging task. There are some people who have already known what they want to do since childhood; for the others, the job searching can last for a long time. But in fact, things are not so bad – the world offers us such a vast number of job opportunities and careers, which will be enough for everybody. So if you have not made your career choice yet, you have a chance to experiment. 

Of course, you can get seduced and give up the job if you feel you fall into the trap of the job you do not like, but we strongly recommend starting the career as soon as possible to try the positions and gain various skills. 

The significant aspect of the career starting is that you can make job changes at any time. In case you start working somewhere, and after some time, you understand you do not want to do it anymore, you can give it up and start it all over. 

Today, the world offers us a lot of opportunities to get the professional education we want and do the things we like. So in every step of your career path, you can enroll in some courses where you can gain the professional skills you need for the career-changing. 

So the job choice can be challenging and scary, but you have all the opportunities for making changes, experimenting, and taking wrong decisions. You are not the first and not the last here. 

That is why we are here – we want to help you choose the job you will like. Below, we will leave you some recommendations, which, we hope, you will use someday when you look for your dream job. 

How can you find your perfect job?

What is the main thing you should do to find a job? The key to the successful finding of the job is thinking about your future and understanding what you want to get from your life. It would be best if you do not have plans for the whole life, but you must have a clear vision about the things that make you happy and unhappy and the goals you want to reach. 

That is why you need to find a job that will suit all your life aims and please you. How can you do it? There are several essential questions, which you need to answer. You can find them below:

What are you into?

It is one of the first questions people ask themselves when they start their job searching. If you love your job, you will get the maximum pleasure that is possible. It does not mean you need to take a job you like. When choosing a career, you should also consider your interests and hobbies. It will help to keep you passionate about everything you do. Besides, it will help you escape from a job that does not encourage you at all. 

What are the things you want to achieve in your life?

When you think about your life aims, it is rather great to think about your career path in this context. Ask yourself: What is your aim – to make money? Or how much time do you want to devote to your work? Or, maybe, is your aim to help someone? After answering these questions, you will be able to choose the career that will help you achieve all your objectives. 

What preferences do you have?

Especially in a career, it is essential to define your life preferences. It is necessary to understand if you can do the job you like without expected motivation. Ask yourself if you are ready to devote your entire spare time to work. The faster you understand your preferences, the easier you can manage all unpleasant things on the job, which is not suitable for you. 

What is the job you dream about?

Of course, not everybody has a vision of the perfect job. We suggest defining some key responsibilities you want your job to have. We recommend carefully thinking about these key things – what work you want to do, in what place you want to live, how much time you want to devote to your work. It is not necessary to have a clear vision of the perfect job you want to have. It is enough to highlight several aspects, which will help you make your career choice.

What are the strong points that you possess?

It’s a proven fact that you feel much better if you do the things you specialize in. Determining your skills and strong points will surely help you find your job. If you do not know how to define them, we will recommend several ways – you can ask for help from your friends or relatives or go through various psychological tests. 

What qualifications do you have?

Sometimes qualifications can be the most helpful thing when you choose a career, because, as a rule, people like the spheres where they gain professional skills. So if you have skills in any sphere, you can make your career choice according to your qualifications. 

What working experience do you have?

Very often the thinking about the previous experience helps to make a decision about the future. In case you do not know what career to choose, take a look back on your previous work experience. Remember how you treated the previous job, what happy and unhappy moments you had, and what the ups and downs you had to pass through. Analyzing the previous experience will help put the things in the right perspective and result in making decision about the future career. 

In case you do not know what career to choose, what should you do?

Here, we recommend doing one thing – change your attitude to job searching in general. What does it mean? Some people think that it is all about just making one single decision, and that is all. But choosing the career means the whole process. It allows you to examine the options, do some experiments and decide what career is perfect for you. Changing the attitude will also make the job searching less stressful for you. 

This choosing career process is different for every person, but we will leave some advice for you to start it. The critical thing here is the feeling that everything you do is right. That is why when you make a choice, do not forget to consider it. 

Discover yourself

It is one of the most incredible things you can do for yourself – understand your preferences, goals, and what future you want to have. Thanks to the self-discovery process, you will find a job that can suit your life aims and contribute to your growth as a professional.

Gain the skills

Spend your time gaining skills in various spheres of life. It will help you understand the things you like and do not like and make your career choice faster. For this purpose, you can find a job in your neighborhood, become a volunteer in some organization, or simply get an internship somewhere.  

Make your dreams be ambitious

Maybe, you have a dream career, but you think it is unreal and impossible. Among the first career steps, you should take is to keep your dreams ambitious and possibilities open. Even if you cannot find the job of your dream, you can incorporate some of its elements into the other job you do. It will be successful only in case you keep your possibilities open. 

Ask someone for advice

Everybody has some mates who have climbed the career ladder. And here, it does not matter in what sphere he or she works – here; the main thing is experience. This experience can help you change the attitude to the career choice process in general or push you to try some new things. Believe us; there are a lot of amazing stories of how people reach the tops where they are now. So in the job searching process, it can be very helpful. 


Use all the education possibilities you have. It can be school studying, some electives, or community access. If you prefer online studying, there are many online courses where you can learn the main aspects of any job. People who work on self-improvement will always win. 

Get to know your preferences and interests

We suggest not being confined only to the things you study. You should increase your knowledge by learning things beyond your studying subjects. The choice of career gives you an opportunity to get to know your preferences and interests. You can also try some new things, and who knows? Maybe, you will like it and want to do it professionally, or you can just incorporate some aspects into your job. 

Never give up

Despite everything, never stop the job searching. You must follow your way till the end – and the end here is finding your job. Study, ask for advice, use all the experience to get to know the things you will want to do professionally, and continue job searching. Be sure, one day, all your efforts will undoubtedly result in finding your job. 

Use the networking

We strongly recommend not being scared of networking and use this method. Talking with specialists from the interesting-for-you spheres or your acquaintances can result in rather great things. It can bring you valuable pieces of advice or a helpful contact in the industry you want to work in. Thanks to networking contacts, you can also get some excellent job opportunities such as fellowship, getting professional education, or even offering a job. That is why you should not hesitate to use networking – it can be rather helpful. 

Here, we have shared with you all pieces of advice we have. We hope you will use our recommendations one day and find the job of your dream that will motivate and please you. We wish you success and good luck in the job searching!


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