How to Get Out of Customer Service

Today being a representative of customer service is really hard since many of them tend to get disappointed. Still, there are a lot of people who pass the customer-service-representative courses, but only a tiny percentage of these graduates pursue this occupation. And the situation is getting worse every day.

Since there are not many representatives of customer service, people wonder – what do they do? What are their duties?

This question has also worried us. That’s why we have done some research. We’ve taken the customer-service-representative summaries and investigated what occupations they’ve chosen after quitting this job. Among over 1000 answers, we’ve selected 100 as the most preferable.

So, the ex-representatives of customer service commonly choose the following ten professions – office assistant, sales associate, checker, management assistant, manager in the office, salesman, trainer of customer service, waiter, administrator, and assistant in the office. 

All these professions are rather excellent. They can serve as the next stair of the career ladder or the platform where the ex-representative of customer service can use all his experience and abilities. 

These professions have one thing in common – they’re boring and predictable choices that you can expect from the former customer service representative. 

But among all these professions we’ve selected several exciting jobs that can attract you. Let’s find out what they are: technician of technical support, clerk of data entry, representative, administrator, data entry assistant, operator, payables specialist, insurance claims handler, office manager, and reprocessor.

From the real-job perspective, all these occupations catch the eye. And we should admit that.

Looking at this list, you’ll wonder – on what grounds we’ve defined the preferable jobs among former customer service representatives.

To do that, we’ve taken a job base with over 7 million summaries. Among them, we’ve selected those that contain the customer-service-representative job. Then we’ve looked through these summaries and chosen the professions people have opted for after working as customer service agents.

So, this is how the ranked professions’ list appeared.

After that, we’ve needed to list the most exciting professions that ex-customer service managers choose. To do that, we’ve taken this list, looked it through to see if any of these professions appeared in less than one percent of all new job vacancies. Plus, we’ve also considered that these professions did not appear in the most-preferable-jobs base.

And that’s all. So now you can see a complete list of professions that ex-managers of customer service prefer the most.

The first place goes to the office assistant with a 2.25 percent rating. The second place is taken by a sales associate. It has a little bit more than 1.90 percent of the rating. The checker profession occupies third place (its rating is 1.8 percent). Such professions as management assistant and manager in the office are the following popular occupations among the former customer service agents (with a 0.96 and 0.93 percent rating correspondingly).

The second half of the ten most common professions looks the following way – salesman with a 0.91 percent ranking, trainer of customer service with over 0.80 percent ranking, a waiter with a 0.67 percent ranking, administrator with 0.63 percent ranking, and assistant in the office with a little bit more than 0.60 percent of the ranking.

The manager opens the second ten of the most popular professions. It has a rating of 0.57 percent. The twelfth place goes to the specialist of billing. Then the certified practice nurse associate comes. It is followed by the intern and service agent. The sixteenth place goes to the substitute teachers. The professions of customer manager, group leader, and associate of customer service come with an equal rating (0.45 percent). And the cashier closes the ten of the preferable professions.

Now we’ve come to the twenty. And here, ex-managers of customer service choose the following occupations: technician chemist, specialist, expert of customer service, security manager, supervisor, home care specialist, customer care agent, health worker, master, and shop administrator.

To the thirty of the preferable jobs, the following professions belong – human subject, technical support expert, manager of technical support, assistant, technician of technical support, engineer, clerk of data entry, administrator of customer service, warehouse assistant, and agent of member service. Their rating varies from 0.33 to 0.29 percent.

The group of forty consists of such professions as head of operations, customer service manager, representative, an official of accounts payable, administrator of the front desk, sales and customer service assistant, machine operator, proprietor, agent, and assistant of data entry.

The first fifty includes the following jobs – coordinator of human resources, call-center agent, moderator, crewman, records manager, controller, administrator of the customer account, serviceman, consultant on sales, and expert of accounts receivable. 

Now we’ve come to the second fifty popular professions that former customer service agents opt for. Let’s start. The sixty-first place goes to the supervisor of customer service. Then the project administrator, case executive, senior manager of customer service, master’s associate, insurance claims handler, aide, chauffer, manager of customer sales, and warehouse employee follow.

The seventy common professions’ group includes such jobs as an expert of customer care, handler of material, office manager, analytics, shop manager assistant, reprocessor, executive associate, operator, agent of patient service, and associate on legal issues.

This group is followed by G.M., personal assistant, support technician, advisor, expert of customer support, transport operator, a specialist on operations, manager of sales, headhunter, and business analytics. Their rating is almost the same except for G.M. – it has a 0.17 percent. The other jobs come with a 0.16 percent rating.

And the last ten popular ex-customer-service agents’ choices are the following – manager of inside sales (with 0.16 percent of rating), a collections agent, hostess, qualified nurse, collector, accountant, account agent, benefits expert, shift supervisor, and agent of patient access. Such professions as a collections agent, hostess, qualified nurse, collector, accountant, account agent have a rating of 0.15 percent. As for the last jobs, their rating is 0.14 percent.  

Now you know what professions the former customer service agents prefer. So choose and get out of the customer service.  

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