Guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasures sometimes take on different shapes and sizes. For example, suppose you spend all Sunday snuggling up on the couch with your cat, so you don't miss the daytime reruns of the early 2000s reality show.

Or you can't go for weeks without eating a pack of ice cream. Or maybe you have a habit of delaying finishing work until the last, or watching sentimental films, even though they make you cry every time.

Whatever your guilty pleasure, if you acknowledge its presence, it will allow you to control, so that harmless pleasure does not turn into a bad habit.

But this is not always easy since habits are formed, especially in childhood.

However, if you want to cure yourself of guilt pleasure, start by identifying its root cause. For example, watching trashy reality shows can be attributed to the fact that at school you had few friends and were constantly bored.

Or maybe you eat too much ice cream because you missed breakfast and lunch.

And if you can identify the root cause, then think about whether it is really worth the effort to eliminate this habit. After all, your guilty pleasure brings you pleasure and happiness.

What Are Guilty Pleasures?

 There are many ways to express guilt. What they have in common is that they are activities, foods, or habits that a person engages in because it brings them joy and makes them feel mildly ashamed.

This behavior is never horrible enough to ruin someone's life. But you find it challenging to share your guilty pleasures with others because of embarrassment. And while the term seems a bit controversial, almost everyone has guilty pleasures that they sometimes enjoy.

The reality is that the guilty pleasures bring a little bit of fun to our lives, especially when we've become mired in the daily routine. The key thing here is to appreciate them mildly and not care about what other people think.

 So, all of us have guilty pleasures, and they are different.

Now, we'll present the most common guilty pleasures (maybe, you have it too):

  • Delivery food ordering: Sometimes we're so tired after a hard workday to cook something for supper. And here, delivery food ordering comes for help! Nowadays, many restaurants and cafes have a food delivery service. So, it's time to order something tasty. For many people, this guilty pleasure is rather expensive, since you need to pay for food and its delivery and give tips.
  • Putting everything away for later: It's always great to finish the work earlier. But many people prefer putting it away for later and start work at the last minute. Even though it causes premature to panic, it's still the most widespread guilty pleasure.
  • TV shows binge-watching: strangers are locked in the house for a couple of months under the supervision of video cameras. It is a low-budget documentary about the drunken adventures of twenty-year-olds and a test of endurance. Sometimes the participants are thrown onto a desert island, and the one who will last the longest will receive the prize money. There is something very entertaining about reality shows in which ordinary people participate. Therefore, they are popular with people of all ages.
  • Eating a half-gallon of ice cream. Ice cream has the miraculous power to heal any sorrow. But sometimes, it makes you go to extremes. Eating ice cream is a trendy shameful entertainment.
  • Surveillance of people through social networks. It's a little insidious to keep track of a person's social media activity, especially if you've revisited a lot of other people's personal pages just to be on your ex-girlfriend's cousin's mom's page. Sometimes people are embarrassed to follow each other on social media, but they continue to do so.
  • Sleep late. Sometimes it may bother you that you are sleeping all day long, but it is still enjoyable. It's so nice to lie in bed on weekends, holidays, and sick days. Don't you agree?
  • Blowing your nose loudly. It's not surprising that this is one of the most popular guilty pleasures because the sound of nasal passages clearing can be very loud and annoying for those close by. You may want to act fast so as not to disturb anyone, but sometimes it feels so good to blow your nose into your handkerchief or even into tissues.
  • Watching movies you already know the endings of. Sometimes it's fun to rewatch your favorite movie just for kicks, even if you know everything that will happen next. It is much more entertaining than watching a new one because there are fewer surprises.
  • Putting on perfume before leaving the house. Sometimes, it may be embarrassing to check how you look in the mirror for a last time and smear perfume on your wrist. In this case, people are ready to go out of their apartments smelling like a citrus grove because they just want to feel good about themselves.
  • Staying at home instead of going shopping. Some women like to stay at home when their friends go shopping – they like the idea of shopping without pressure.
  • Wasting time on social media. It is easy to spend hours scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed instead of doing something productive. It's a way to escape from everyday life and relax, but sometimes it may make you feel guilty about wasting your time.
  • Picking your nose. It's very hard to resist the temptation of digging into your nostrils when you feel an itch, especially if it is really itchy and you can't find anything else to scratch with. Sometimes it takes a lot of self-control not to pick your nose, but if someone catches you doing it, you will feel like a moron.
  • Enjoy coffee with sugar. It's been said so many times that eating too much sugar is harmful to your health, but sometimes it's just so delicious, especially if it's in the form of a sweet creamy drink.
  • Watch your favorite films for children. Children's films are made for a specific age group, but sometimes they are more popular with adults. Many people enjoy these movies but still find it a disgusting pleasure.
  • Viewing romantic films. Here is the same situation as with children's films. Movies like this always bring tears, and many people revisit them over and over again, although they are embarrassed to admit it.
  • Play your favorite song on repeat. Sometimes you like a song so much that you listen to it constantly. And although it brings pleasant emotions, you definitely do not want to tell other people about it.
  • Be late. It is not shameful to be late in all cases, but there are situations when it's better not to be on time. For example, if you have a date with your crush and do not want him to think that you are too eager to meet, then it's better to come 10 minutes later than the arranged time.
  • Crying alone. We all know people who cry more often than others, and it's not a problem for them, but if you cry in front of other people – there is a risk that they will consider you weak and silly. Some women enjoy watching tearful films and public events to release their emotions and feel happier.
  • A glass of wine in the evening after work. Many people prefer to relax after work with a glass of alcohol. But at the same time, sometimes people feel guilty.
  • Read about the lives of celebrities. Some people are very interested in the details of the life of stars. It is very exciting and relaxing.
  • Laziness. Some people just love to stay home in cozy clothes, watch TV all day long and not cook anything at all. It brings them pleasure, but it is often associated with guilt.
  • Getting letters from unknown men. Everyone knows how important the first impression is, so many women are very cautious when it comes to their own appearance. Sometimes it takes a long time to decide what to wear, what shade of lipstick will suit you best, or how your hair should look. But when the letter arrives from an unknown man, she wants to take her time in front of the computer and give herself enough time for this.
  • Sing in the car on the way to work, and this makes the trip to the office less tiring, especially if you have a long day ahead.
  • Take a selfie. The era of selfies has made many people narcissists who constantly admire their reflection on their mobile phone screens. But this is a great pleasure.
  • Conspirational YouTube videos. Many rabbit holes on the Internet are very easy to get lost in. One of the most popular is YouTube conspiracy videos. You can search for any video depending on your preference. You can watch them for hours, but it is tough to explain such a hobby.
  • Eating raw cookie dough. Since childhood, we have been warned against this, but we still continue to do so. After all, this is one of the most delicious pleasures despite the risk.
  • Spend all Saturday at home in pajamas. It may seem that you are lazy, but it allows you to rest. Therefore, it is one of the healthiest health benefits. However, you may not want to admit that you had a relaxing weekend.  But sometimes, you practice self-discipline and pull yourself out of bed to meet up with friends.
  • Overpriced latte in the morning. People still buy overpriced coffee in the morning and don't want to compromise when it comes to caffeine.
  • Fatty fast food. Another pleasure that people suffer from is fast food, and these foods are often greasy and almost tasteless, but we still keep buying burgers and fries.
  • Buying too many shoes. Shopping for shoes is always a pleasure, but if you have more than three pairs of heels, it may be time to rethink the situation.
  • Reading tabloids in grocery stores. Magazines are not just for reading at home – sometimes people choose the tabloids that interest them most and read them right in the store. But this is not always convenient, because they may be noticed by the people around them.
  • Going to bed with makeup on. This is one of the biggest beauty taboos, but many women do it at least once in a while when they can't get up early enough for home cleansing rituals.
  • Wearing the most comfortable clothes. It may seem strange for some, but many people have a few favorite clothes that they wear when they are at home and do not want to dress up. This is the most comfortable outfit in the world, as it does not constrain your movements.
  • Spontaneous shopping. Even when there is very little money, many fall prey to it. It doesn't fix the life situation, but it helps for a while.
  • Gossip with friends. Sometimes it's a risk you're willing to take to have fun. Most are not proud of this, but they do it anyway.
  • Reading fashion magazines. Women's magazines offer a lot of information that affects our lives every day – from recipes to makeup tips, intimate advice, and so on. But sometimes we just want to look through the glossy pages of fashion magazines for fun, even if it is a guilty pleasure.
  • Watching cheesy movies or TV series. Sometimes people stay at home on a weekend and just want to relax. Therefore, it is no wonder that they turn to some cheesy movies or TV series, which offer very little depth of the plot and action scenes.

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