GMAT Score Percentiles

If you want to get into the best-of-the-best school of business, you have to pass the GMAT, which can be tricky. It does not mean that you will have the total outcomes or outcomes by sections. It means that the results after the GMAT passing will be turned into percentiles. It will be done after comparing your results to the others who pass the test. 

If you have great results of passing the GMAT, it will demonstrate that you can complete the complicated MBA program. It serves as proof for the business establishments that you have the ability to get into their institutions and complete their programs for earning a degree in business. 

In this post, we will help you to find out what GMAT and percentiles are. 

So, GMAT (or fully management admission test for graduates) signifies the online testing that the applicants can pass to gain qualification for entering the business college and school they’ve dreamt about to make an excellent career. Students from various parts worldwide can pass this test. 

This test made by the Council of Graduate Management Admission aims to provide the business schools work with students of equal training level. The reception committee cares about the GMAT outcomes and examines your working experience and progressiveness in education to ensure you can pass all the programs in management and business. 

The students have 3 hours and 23 minutes in total to pass the GMAT test. This time includes the extra breaks that last to 16 minutes. 

The GMAT test consists of four parts – analytical examination in writing (lasts half an hour), complex reasoning (30 minutes long), qualitative (one hour and two minutes), and an oral part (one hour and five minutes long). 

If everything is clear, now, let’s try to understand how we can measure GMAT. 

As far as GMAT is an adjusted-to-specific-scheme online testing, it perceives you as a student of average level; that is why you get the tasks of intermediate difficulty level. According to your potential and productivity, the ability level goes through the changes – the more definitive an answer is, the more complicated the following question is. The same question management will also happen if your answer is wrong. 

GMAT test does not allow passing on the questions. In case you do not know the correct answer, you should choose the most appropriate one and proceed to the following question. The experts strongly recommend not devoting much time to the questions you do not know how to answer. Besides, you should not worry in case not knowing one, two, or even three answers – ahead, you will have more questions that you will definitely answer. 

Two essential aspects affect the outcomes of GMAT – the questions of the medium difficulty level that have been answered correctly; the number of questions with the right responses. 

Every student who passes the GMAT test wonders – what middle point does the GMAT test contain? 

It is considered that points of GMAT vary from 200 to 800, and the middle point is 556. Based on Council of Graduate Management Admission statistics, two-third of those who pass the test have points around 400 and 600. As for the GMAT parts, the middle points are the following:

  1. The middle point of analytical examination in writing comprises 4.44.
  2. The complex reasoning part has a 4.23 middle point.
  3. The middle point of qualitative is 39.4.
  4. The oral part comprises a middle point of 26.86. 

In total, we have 556.05 GMAT middle points. 

And now, let’s see the process of how the GMAT points turn into percentiles.

As the Council of Graduate Management Admission claims, GMAT always comes with a ranking of percentiles. What is a percentile? It is considered the applicants’ percentage that thanks to your productivity and diligence you’ve beaten by the points. Compared to the GMAT results, the ranking and GMAT percentiles cannot be changed. 

All points of GMAT vary from 200 to 800. Every point that you get for every GMAT component then is turned into percentiles. Below, we’ll give you data about GMAT and corresponding percentiles that were two years ago:

Note – the first number is GMAT; the second is the percentile.

– from 760 to 800 points – 99 percent

– 750 points – 98 percent

– 740 points – 97 percent

– 720 points – 94 percent

– 710 points – 90 percent

– 700 points – 88 percent

– 690 points – 85 percent

– 670 points – 80 percent

– 640 points – 68 percent

– 600 points – 55 percent

Now, let’s look at the middle points of each GMAT part and its corresponding percentiles:

1) Analytical examination in writing 

Note – the first number is a point you get for this part; the second figure is the percentile.

– one point corresponds to one percent percentile

– 2 points – 2 percent

– 3 points – 4 percent

– 4 points – 17 percent

– 5 points – 54 percent

– 6 points – 87 percent

2) The points and percentiles of complex reasoning:

– one point corresponds to 0 percent percentile

– 2 points – 10 percent

– 3 points – 20 percent

– 4 points – 36 percent

– 5 points – 53 percent

– 6 points – 68 percent

– 7 points – 83 percent

– 8 points – 92 percent

3) Qualitative part has the following points and percentiles:

– 30 points – 16 percent

– 35 points – 25 percent

– 40 points – 38 percent

– 45 points – 54 percent

– 46 points – 57 percent

– 47 points – 61 percent

– 48 points – 67 percent

– 49 percent – 74 percent

– 50 points – 86 percent

– 51 points – 97 percent

4) The GMAT points and percentiles of the oral part are the following:

– 10 points – 3 percent 

– 15 points – 10 percent

– 20 points – 22 percent

– 25 points – 39 percent

– 30 points – 58 percent

– 35 points – 76 percent

– 40 points – 90 percent

– 46 points – 98 percent

– 51 points – 99 percent

In conclusion, we will name you several business establishments with great GMAT points that we recommend to consider:

– The Graduate School of Business at Stanford has the middle GMAT points of 734

– The Warton University comes with the middle 732 points of GMAT

– Business School in Harvard, Booth Business School, and Kellogg School of Management have the middle GMAT points of 730

– Business School in Columbia and MIT Sloan Management School come with 727 GMAT points

– The School of Management in Yale has 720 middle GMAT points.

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