Coalition application prompts

The Coalition Essay is one of the essential parts of the Coalition Application. All member organizations always require it, but sometimes some of them can require an additional essay and essay of the Coalition Application. If you’re reading our post, it means that you have to write the essay on a Coalition Application and do not know how to make it. So, the best way to do it is to realize all its clues and give it the exact content. In general, all prompts are standard. And the only thing they need is information from the author’s point of view.

So, before discussing the essay on Coalition Application, let’s figure out what the Coalition Application means.

It’s a new type of student enrollment, the other variant and the first-ever rival of the Common Application.

Below, we’ll share the key things about the Coalition Application:

  • it’s recognized by over 100 educational establishments
  • it’s easily available – any candidate can use it
  • it aims to make the enrollment procedure more transparent and easy
  • besides allowing applying for school, college, or university, it also broadens several instruments

Every essay of Coalition Application must include basic information about the applicant, a list of subjects he’s learned in high school, Grade Point Average scores, and exam results.

The essay of Coalition Application – how to make it?

Every year the Coalition Application declares five clues that the essay needs to have. And the candidate must make his essay according to one of these five given clues and provide it with the college application. As for the number of words, there are no restrictions here. But we recommend you write an essay of 500 words.

The essay of Coalition Application aims to check the inter and intrapersonal abilities of the applicant. Yes, actions matter more, but the words you select mean a lot as they open up your personality. That’s why the Coalition Application suggests the most one-size-fits-all, personal, and narrative clues. It aims to let your writing talent show all its creativity.

Clue #1:

Share the story from your life, tell about the experience that shows your character or helps to build it up

This clue is one of the most common, universal, and personal. It requires sharing the story from your life that shows your personality. It aims to see how you know the language and have a vision of you as a person. This clue involves self-examination and retrospectives and helps to find the attributes that you’ve not used yet.

Now, we’ll give you some recommendations on how to make the Coalition Application essay on this clue:

  • The first and maybe the main thing here is self-examination. Dive into your personality and find out the most characteristic features that can describe you as a person. Use all your creativity and narrative ability to describe the case from your life. It can be a trick to give a winning answer to this clue.
  • In the paperwork, your personality should be fully expressed through the content. The Admissions Board should have a possibility to imagine your character since they cannot speak with your pals and relatives about you.
  • Don’t make your essay egocentric. Show yourself as a modest and down-to-earth person who remembers his origins.
  • Your winning answer will not depend fully on you. That’s why you should be sincere in every moment and detail to give the reader an exclusive answer.
  • Don’t give a vague answer to this clue. Always be concrete and pay much attention to details. Besides, make an attractive atmosphere around your story to interest those who’ll read your essay.

Clue #2:

Have your convictions ever been defied? How did you react to it? And how did it influence your beliefs?

This is an excellent clue aimed to show how you react to the difficulties in your life and how you cope with them. Now, we’ll give you several recommendations on how to make an essay for this clue:

  • When speaking about changing the problem view, you should be sincere about it. Changing is an incremental process, especially for convictions and habits. In your paperwork, you should focus on changing the problem view – the main thing here is to show the whole way of this change.
  • You can also add all contributing factors made by someone to your essay. You should also include your convictions’ move into your content.
  • To speak about the complicated matter is also realistic but when doing it, make sure that you do not stand on any side.

Clue #3:

Share the situation when you’ve made a significant contribution to someone’s life where the supreme value has been the main thing for you. Speak about what problems and prizes this contribution presented you.

This clue aims to test your self-sacrifice. You may have contributed without expecting something back and fully emphasizing the gain from the other side. One of these examples is public work. Here, we advise you to speak about your good-faith efforts to the supreme value. The Admission Boards prefer this clue very much as it shows your mercy to the universe.

The guidance on how to successfully make an essay on this clue:

  • Firstly, you should give an honest and comprehensive description of your contribution story and make a clear plan for your content.
  • When describing your view on public or volunteer work, you should not picture yourself as a miserable egoist. Here, you need to show your sympathy, mercy, and desire to help others.
  • Don’t overstate the facts. You should be mature and down-to-earth.
  • We also suggest you include the organization where you’ve worked and your colleagues in your essay.
  • Besides, you can also describe the ideals you’ve got from this work in-depth and the expertise you want to keep for the rest of your life.
  • Make your story the way that the Admission Board can picture it.
  • Also, write about how this event has impacted you, how it has assisted in your personal growth and how it has altered your view on life.

Clue #4:

What are the best and worst parts of being a teenager? What tips will you give for your friends, sisters, or brother? (on condition they will obey you).

It’s a question that all of us can answer as we’ve once been teenagers. These years are considered the most remarkable period in our lives. That’s why you have a vision of the best and the worst things of being a teenager.

How to make an essay:

  • The response to this question can be based on your personal experience. Our teenage experiences can have standard features or be different. There’re problems that every teenager faces. Here, you can also advise your friends or family.
  • The critical element of this question is its division into three queries. To successfully write an essay, you should understand these queries and combine them into one answer.
  • New technologies of communication face many challenges nowadays. And you can take this matter as a tip for your friends, brothers or sisters. You need to explain to them the advantages and drawbacks of social media and other technologies.

Clue #5:

Write an essay on the topic you like

This clue is the ideal variant to demonstrate all your strong points and fully demonstrate your writing skills. It’s also a great choice as here, you’ll be more self-confident and fully show your potential.

The recommendations on how to make an essay for this clue:

  • Your paperwork must be creative and exclusive. Here, you should show your view on any aspect of life. Choose the subject you like the most and describe it in the best possible way.
  • Conduct research and build up a strategy that will attract the Admission Board.
  • Don’t use complicated words and constructions. Share your thoughts easily and clearly that the Admission Commission can read and understand it.

How to make up a strategy for the Coalition Application essay?

A key to the successful Coalition Application essay is to make up a well-thought-out strategy. You should make this plan before writing an essay. One example of such a strategy is to know what educational establishments want to find in the students’ essays. You can also find out what are the demands of each essay before starting work on a strategy. There’s one more recommendation for you – try to write your paperwork long before a time. Below, you’ll find guidance on how to build up the Coalition Application essay strategy:

  • Analyze what elements you need to have in your essay. Carefully look through the requirements of the institution you want to enter. Usually, educational establishments demand only one written work, but institutions require an additional essay on the Coalition Application clues.
  • Evaluate the necessity of the essays’ exclusiveness. Sometimes institutions have identical demands for the essays. Look through these demands and make up a methodological mechanism by restricting essay’s number and writing a unique work.
  • Educational facilities can make up their own clues for additional essays. These works aim to give a picture of you as a personality in first hand.
  • Give a many-side image of yourself. Here, your experience can help you a lot. Make your essay effective and attractive for the Admission Board.
  • As we’ve said before, there’re no restrictions on the number of words. However, the preferable essay is that has 500-550 words. But before writing, conduct research and find out whether the educational establishment has its demands for the number of words.

Some words to sum up

With these recommendations, when making an essay, you need to use all your writing skills and make an exclusive piece that will impress the Admission Board. We hope these tips will help you make up such a Coalition Application essay.

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