Applying to multiple jobs at the same company

When you look for a job and suddenly find two interesting vacancies at one organization at once, it can serve as great luck. 

It does not matter what the situation, the desire to apply for several posts will always attract. 

Such a way can serve as a great way of employment only in case when you are sure you’ve become a part of this company, but in some cases this way does not work for good. 

So, in this post, we’ll discuss the cases when you should apply for several vacancies in one organization, plus the variants you will have if you do not use this way of employment. 

The first thing that we’ll discuss is how you can decide whether to submit a request for several jobs in one company.

In the job universe the answer to the question “whether you can submit a request for several positions in one organization” will be the same as to other questions – it depends. 

Below, we’ll share with you the actions you can take while deciding whether you should apply for several posts in the same organization.

  • Ask yourself one important question – if these positions are really interesting for you.

Before applying for several jobs, we recommend taking a break and figure out what are the things you want to do on your job. Realizing this means so much especially when you just start your professional career or you want to change the job and come closer to the moment when you’re ready to work at any place that’s going to pay you. 

When deciding if you should submit the applications to two or more positions, you should question yourself and define – what are the things you prefer the most; what things you are great at; according to others, what are things you know how to do the best. In case you cannot answer these questions by yourself, you can ask your relatives, mates, or today’s worker-employer for help. 

What can these things give you? It can give one important thing – the confidence that the post will fit you and it will help you make a successful career. There is always a risk that you cannot get the job of your dream in one take but it does not mean that it all ends there – everything is still ahead. 

  • Analyze everything and try to figure out whether you will fit the job.

After defining the things you like to do, the next step you should do is to figure out if you can respond to all the demands that employers require. If you do not satisfy these requirements, submitting the job request does not make any sense. 

Probably, you will not fulfill all the demands the employers require but your aim is to satisfy them if only at 80 percent. 

There is one thing you should remember – you can correct several things that you do not face every day thanks to some courses or other studying. But in case you do not have any experience in the field you want to work in or you do not have the skills that need to be developed for years, even with meeting around 80 percent of the employer’s requirements your chance to get the job approaches zero. 

  • Look at the list of vacancies and cross the extras off

After completing the previous two steps, you need to make the third one – review the list of positions to which you’re going to submit applications. 

In case you search for identical vacations, we recommend carefully examining them and then deciding which one will fit you the best.

In case the vacations have some differences, it will be harder to cross them off from the list. Nevertheless, we suggest doing it, and if you cannot do it by yourself, you can ask the professionals to help you. 

The other thing you can do is to look at different departments and see whether you want to do the job they do or, maybe, this job will be more useful for your future career. Imagine yourself in their place and think about whether you will want to do this job in a year. 

In case you doubt about some vacancy, we recommend surely crossing it off from your list. 

  • Find and explain to yourself the reasons for your desire to apply for several vacancies.

Answering this question tends to help you understand whether there is a need to submit applications to several positions at one organization at once. Besides, when applying to several jobs simultaneously, the HR managers can question you one day, so it’s better to know the answer now. 

You definitely want to work in this position and you think that putting the eggs into different baskets will help you get the job – in case your response is the following, we recommend you apply for only one position in one organization. 

So, at that rate, your chance of getting more than one job increases. Believe us – you will win more when you can refuse several not interesting offers and get the job of your dream. 

In case your answer to this question is the following – you just wish to work in that organization and you wish to use this opportunity to work there – before applying for these posts, ask yourself one question – if you’re suitable for them.

If you have made up a vacancy list, worked on it, crossed the uninteresting ones, and left several positions, you should try to submit applications. But before submitting, you need to ensure that you have corresponding experience and ability to fit this post. 

Now, let’s see what we need to do to submit applications for several vacancies at one organization:

  • Make your summary, application transmittal letter suitable for every vacancy you apply for

When applying for several vacancies in one organization, you must not submit the same job request every time – it is a big-big mistake. 

By sending the same application to various organizations, you will show HR managers that all that you want is to be hired, and it does not matter where. 

That is why you need to work on your application documents demonstrating that you really want to work in that exact company and position. This way you will show your interest in the organization and post you apply for. 

  • Communicate with the organization before submitting the application

Before applying, we recommend you make a call to the HR department and tell them about your intention to submit applications for several vacancies. When calling, tell them how you really want to work in their organization, why you want to work there, and assure them that you can make it good in any post. 

This act means a lot – this way you show the organization’s administration that you really want to work in their organization and contribute to the organization, plus the concrete job potential.

  • In case the company does not answer you for about a week, communicate with them again

If the organization does not respond to your application during a week, and you have a strong desire to work there, you should call them again and ask to do the informational interview about the company and the things they want to see in their potential worker. 

When speaking to them, you can explain to them the reasons why you want to work for them. Besides, you can also request them to remember about you in case they will search for the candidates for the future vacancies. 

Additionally, you can ask them to share with you the things they want you to include in your summary, plus the skills and abilities you need to improve for being more competitive in the future. 

In case you’ve decided not to use this way of employment, there are other variants that can be helpful:

  • Submit the job application and request the informational interview

In case your main aim is to work in some organization and the position does not matter, you need to choose the posts that you feel you’ll fit better. Then you should apply for this post and ask the HR department to do the informational interview where you can get more information about the organization and the post. Besides, at this meeting, you can also share with them the reasons why you want to work there, plus your readiness to work on other posts that the organization will offer. 

  • Know all details about the post and only after that submit the application

In case you doubt whether you want to apply for this post, we recommend you firstly meet with the HR department and know all information about the job. This way you will show the HR managers your interest in the job. Besides giving information, the HR manager can also advise you on the vacancy that will be more suitable for you. 

  • Submit an application only for one vacancy and make all the best of it

This way of submitting to more than one vacancy can seem very simple but in reality, it can bring more positive results. 

Here, we suggest you work on your application documents and make them perfect as much as possible. What do we mean? We mean that the application documents should emphasize your skills and your wanting to work in the organization. This step will give you two things – firstly, you will increase the odds of having the job interview; secondly, you will increase the possibility that the administration will consider you fit for two or more posts. And in case they suggest this way, they will offer you the posts (even if you do not apply for this post). 

  • Search for the open interview possibility

Periodically some organizations practice open interviews. It is a kind of group interview where anybody can visit and speak with the HR managers. Compared to the standard interview, this type is rather complicated for the applicants. For the organizations, it can be practical, since they can employ several workers at once. 

For the applicants, the open interview gives a great possibility to show themselves and their interest in the job. In their turn, the organizations can define what posts will be more suitable for you. 

In case you have not decided yet whether you need to use the the-applying-for-several-vacancies ways of employment, we can give you the reasons why you should not do that:

  1. The organization can think that you desperately need that job, and it does not matter what this job is. When HR managers know that you have applied for several vacancies at once, the first thing they can think is that you desperately need the job, and it does not matter what this job is. That is why we recommend making a call to the organization and telling the reasons why you have applied for several vacancies at once and demonstrating your interest in the job. 
  2. The recruiters can think that post really matters for you. This reason can work in case you do not work on your application documents and do not adapt them to the post you apply for.  The HR managers frequently search for reasons to say no to the applicants, so do not give them those reasons. 
  3. You demonstrate your self-doubt as a professional. The hiring managers can notice your self-doubt as a professional when you submit applications for several vacancies. 

As the rule, the organizations do not employ people who do not know the things they do the best and the things they want to do in their life. 


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