Anticipated Graduation Date

After several years of grinding away studies, passing exams, and writing a thesis, the date of your college graduation is coming. Picture as you walk across the stage to get your diploma. Take your piece of cake and get a photo with your family. Celebrate; you have deserved it! And now, after graduation, the time to make a date of anticipated graduation and start job searching has come. 

In this post, we will discuss the date of anticipated graduation, the best ways to make your conferred degree highlight among the others, and attract your future worker-employer.

First of all, let’s find out what the date of anticipated graduation is.

It includes the day, month, and a year when you have to comply with the requirement of getting a degree. A significant part of universities and colleges requires a full-time study of four-six years to write the thesis and get the diploma. In colleges, there are crash programs enabling students to get the degree during one year. In conclusion, completing the degree is contingent on two things – the program and the attendance of a full-time educational establishment. 

The worker employers need to know the date of anticipated graduation to clearly understand how far you have progressed in your studies and when you can freely get down to work. 

For example, the management filled the vacancy on February 5, 2021. Your date of anticipated graduation is May 5, 2021. It means that you cannot freely fill this vacancy and cannot start work.  

Now, we’ll discuss the reasons why for older seniors, it is not recommended to write the date of anticipated graduation in their summary. 

The law forbids discrimination against under 40-age applicants. Although the management cannot ask the applicants about their age, there are several ways to know it. And one of these ways is the date of anticipated graduation or the date of the college graduation. 

In case you’re under 40-age applicant, you can not give the data of the anticipated graduation. This data opens up your actual age, and the management can mistakenly hire the younger candidate instead of you. 

And now, we will speak about the better ways to indicate the date of anticipated graduation in your summary. 

For the employers, the information about your education and the date of anticipated graduation has an essential meaning. Below, we will share the key facts that should be mentioned in the soon getting degree point:

  • Name of the educational establishment where you’re getting your degree
  • Location of the college or university
  • Date of anticipated graduation
  • Name of the degree
  • Great point average – In case you’ve finished studies with honors, you must indicate this. If your great point average is 3.0 or less than it, we recommend not indicating it. 

What is the best place to put the date of anticipated graduation in summary? 

The place where you should put the date of anticipated graduation is contingent on the situation. If you have little work experience, you need to put the section of education with the anticipated degree close to the beginning of your summary. If you have significant job experience, you can indicate this primarily and put the section with education information under professional experience. 

Below, there is an illustration of how you can indicate the date of anticipated graduation:


Washington State University, Pullman, Washington

Master’s Degree in Biology (date of anticipated graduation – July 2022)

Diploma with Cum laude

How to make up the first college summary?

If the graduated student has a strong summary, it will be easier for him to pass the interviews and get the job. That is why it is essential to learn how to get the maximum benefit from the abilities and knowledge. As you do not have extensive job history, there are other ways that can demonstrate your abilities and skills. 

When making up the summary, try to make its beginning convincing. We recommend avoiding such a beginning as “I want to work in an innovative and creative company.” You should find something that can highlight your abilities and impress the potential employer. 

Below, we share the example of how the summary statement can be:

The graduate of Summa Cum Laude is searching for the post of the entry-level administrator. He has well-developed skills in communication, working in a team, and solving conflict situations. He wants to be part of a team that tends to develop professionally development. 

How to write the key points in the section of work experience?

When creating the summary, we recommend thinking about the abilities you want to gain in your future job, plus the ways of developing the skills you already have gained in the previous jobs. Add to your summary some notes of advertising. For instance, do not say that you worked as an administrator. Show your creativity – say that you respond to the clients’ questions and do everything to give the clients the best-ever experience. 

Also, we suggest including in your summary the information about intern and externship. Maybe, you have strong experience that can demonstrate the gained abilities to future employers. 

Besides, give information about your competencies. Look for job vacancies, know what abilities the organizations are searching for in future workers, and mark the abilities you already have. Do not forget to include some words related to the sphere you want to work in. 

Below, we will name the necessary competencies that you need to include when writing the college summary: skills of leadership; working in the team ability; high-level self-organization; focused on the results; ability to solve conflict situations and problems; ability to complete the tasks according to terms; skills of communication; critical thought. 

When making up your college summary, we recommend noting the organizations you belong to during your studies. The examples can be the following – volunteer work, sports teams, newspapers, TV, religion, etc. 

Membership in professional entities 

Having membership in some professional entity can help you get useful connections, plus enhance your credibility. Professional entity membership serves as a great way of demonstrating professional knowledge in some spheres. In addition, it gives an excellent opportunity to include skills of leadership in your summary. If you’re a member of any professional entity, you should definitely mention it. 

You can also add to your college summary your membership in service organizations, hobbies, and technical abilities (such as working in email programs, knowing the tools of social media or graphic design, etc.). 

The plan of the college summary

The experts recommend making a college resume of one paper length. Below, we’ll share the plan of what parts you should include in your college resume:

  1.  Your name
  2.  Your place of living, ZIP code, phone number, and email
  3.  Brief information
  4.  Your main competences
  5.  Education info (name of the college, its location, degree (or date of anticipated graduation), great point average, and information about honors (if your great point average is more than 3.0)
  6.  Details about your job background (plus intern and externships)
  7.  The company (or companies) where you have worked (its name, location, the date when you start work there; the title of your position, and your duties – name them in verbs of the present tense)
  8.  Membership in professional entities and service organizations
  9.  Hobbies
  10.  Technical abilities

We should warn you about one important thing – do not lie in your summary, because you will have negative consequences in the end. 

To sum up

In case you want to have the edge over other college job-seekers, you should remember that all the things begin from the summary. If you know how to make it right and the best ways of indicating the date of anticipated graduation, you will have a good chance of getting the job. In your summary, you need to add some advertising notes that will underline your abilities and impress your future employers. 


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