34 jobs working with children

We all know that kids are our future. And dedicating your life to bringing them up plays a crucial role. So, if liking to spend time with kids is about you, you should think about making a career in this sphere. There are many interesting jobs working with children, so you can choose a job that corresponds to your interests and personality.

What to consider when working with children

Before you make your final decision it is better to be aware of all the difficulties and risks. And this is what we will tell you about in the current article. Plus we suggest taking a look at interesting jobs working with children and their salaries.

It is important to know that working with children is extremely responsible. So, you have to be patient and loving, ready to give children all your time. You should definitely possess the ability to be a good role model for kids. Parents are always looking for babysitters who will keep their children safe and sound.

How to know what kind of career is perfect for me?

It is quite difficult to find your perfect career in this sphere. There are a few factors you should consider when thinking of jobs working with children.

First of all, you need to know where your interests lay. It can be one of the following spheres: health care, art and entertainment, science and research, business and finance, law enforcement, education, services, and food.

If you have the ability to work with people, then your career possibilities may include working as a social worker or a counselor in different institutions. Also, there are many interesting jobs working with children at home. For example, you can become a nanny for one kid or become a caregiver of the elderly who needs help.

Do you like music? Or sports? Then you can consider becoming a team coach.  

Do you like art and theater? You may like to be an instructor in musical schools or drama schools, if not working with kids full-time, but part-time.

Are you fond of reading books and telling stories to children? Then, you should become a librarian or assistant in public libraries.

Do you like working with the youngest kids and bringing them up? Then school and kindergarten teachers are your best option! They can work part-time, after their normal job.

The next thing you have to do is take a look at your values and beliefs. It is extremely important in the sphere of working with children, so you can find a job corresponding to your personal values and what you believe in. So, it is better if the job would be relevant to your belief system or religion. For example, if you are a religious person, the job of a chaplain may be perfect for you.

And finally, do not forget to find out what kind of salary you can get in different jobs working with children. Also, it will be helpful if the workplace is close to your home or where you live now. This way it will be easier for you to go there every day.

Benefits of working with children

It is not a secret that this job is extremely popular, especially among women. There are three main reasons why more and more people choose to work with children: it's being family-friendly, flexible schedules, high incomes.

First of all, working with kids can be your second part-time job or even your primary source of income. There are many workplaces that may be perfect for both parents and students.

Secondly, you can find enough time to attend your classes or spend more time at home with your kids if working part-time or on weekends. And this is another great benefit of working with children.

It has already been mentioned above that there are plenty of jobs working with children that allow you to keep your schedule. So, you do not have to give up on education or quit your job if you want something better for yourself and your kids.

The salary is the third positive point of the sphere of working with children. There are many different options when it comes to incomes in different countries around the world. So, you must check it out on the job offer or contact your future employer.

Working hours and schedules

The majority of popular jobs working with children let you maintain a flexible schedule. This way you can spend more time with your family and attend school if not working full-time. It is really great if there are different shifts available.

Many workplaces need teachers, assistants and other staff to work during the weekend or after their regular job. This is another great advantage of working with children. The next benefit is that you can attend your classes without any problems and the schedule will not be a problem for you.

And finally, if you choose one of the jobs working with children, you will be able to attend many training courses, conferences or seminars that are organized for this sphere. You can develop your skills and career by attending these events.

Also, there is an option to become a freelance instructor if you want more enrichment in your educational career. Nowadays you can find plenty of online teaching jobs working with children. Thus, you do not have to give up on your passion and can get additional income.

So, if you want to work with children you must consider all these benefits of the sphere and concentrate on finding a job that matches your values, working hours, and schedules. It will definitely be helpful for both yourself and your kids.

The dealing-with-children sphere is vast and various – there are many jobs where you can realize yourself. We'll share with you simply over 30 different dealing-with-kids jobs. So, review them and choose what's the most suitable for you.

Kids' psychologist:

One of the most satisfying, but at the same time, one of the most complicated jobs – that's how we can describe this profession. This job comprises diagnosis and treating the kids' psychological diseases. Generally, to be a kids' psychologist, you need to have a high education degree in this sphere, plus work permission in the particular state. Kids' psychologists are required not only in hospitals and private practices – but they also work at schools or can be called to the police in extraordinary cases.  This job is quite demanding, so it's not for everyone.

Pedes nurse:

This job signifies providing care for kids in hospitals, clinics, or doctors' offices. Besides, pedes nurse accounts for medical reports and distribution. To work as a pedes nurse, you need to have a corresponding certificate. Besides, you're obliged to have a good knowledge of kids' diseases and health issues.

This profession may sound stunning for some people, but it has its cons too. For instance, the job is badly-paid on average (that's why pedes nurses is in great demand). The position also requires high qualification and specialization, not everyone can do it.


They are the kids' doctors. It comprises the same medical job that requires all necessary education and certifications. The pediatricians' reward depends on watching how the kids grow, maintaining their health, and providing proper care. 

These are the basic requirements to apply for this position. This is an amazing job that lets you develop your medical skills, work with kids, and earn good money.

Kids' dentist:

The essential kids' dentist aims to keep the children's oral hygiene in a good state and instill the correct behavior that they'll follow in the future. Many kids are scared of visiting dental surgery; that's why the dentist also needs to know how to make children feel comfortable.  That's why it takes a long time to become a good kids' dentist, but the job itself is quite satisfying and interesting.

Nurse in school:

The nurse provides medical assistance for pupils who get hurt. Besides, the school nurse also contacts parents of those kids who have persistent diseases.  However, the nurse is not a superintendent of school. In this case, you need to work under contract and be compensated for your job.


The caseworkers' primary duty is to visit families to ensure the children get the proper care. For this purpose, they should go to schools and visit families' houses. They also take responsibility for kids' safety in the situations they work in. If they determine that the kid doesn't get proper care, caseworkers are accountable to remove and place him with the adoptive family.

Corrections officer on minor's affairs:

It's not the job for everyone since you have to work in juvenile detention centers and supervise the children who probably have committed the crime. 

School therapist:

He provides guidance and mental health support for kids at school. This support is different – from individual consultations to the general meeting at school. School therapists are responsible for the kids' socialization behavior and mental state.

Speech therapist:

He helps the kids define the speech problems and cope with them to speak clearly. Physiotherapist: This medical specialist deals with physical mobility problems. He helps kids learn how to walk, play, or take care of themselves. They also take responsibility for the kids' overall health and development.

Recreation worker:

There're parks and recreation zones where kids can come and play in every city. So, the recreation worker participates in this entertainment and helps parents benefit from these recreation zones' opportunities. 

Special education teacher:

This profession requires specialized abilities to deal with emotional-physical-or-other-problems pupils. Special education teacher closely interacts with these kids to ensure that they have the proper environment to study to the –relevant-to-age level and cope with all challenges. 


He monitors the school's work every day – operates classes' schedules, introduces new school programs, disciplines pupils, etc. Besides, he communicates with teachers and other schools specialists and deals with kids of various ages.


He plays a significant role in everyone's life. He bears responsibility for kids' education till they finish school. Besides, teachers also become mentors and provide support for their pupils. 

Teacher assistant:

His crucial obligation is to support the teacher – he can collect materials, help kids do some tasks, and help the teacher organize the educational process.

Crossing guards:

It's a popular profession, especially where the kids go on foot to school. Crossing guards direct the traffic and give kids instructions to cross the street safely.

Bus drivers:

They are responsible for taking the pupils, getting them to school, and bringing them home after their studies. To become a bus driver, you need to be well trained and get a special certification. 

School cafeteria workers:

Their primary duty is to prepare and serve food for kids. 

Preschool teacher:

He's the first with who kids deal in the education sphere. That's why preschool teachers' sole is very significant – he impacts the further children's relation to studies in general, plus he helps develop social abilities necessary in the future.

Head of kids care center:

It's considered one of the quicker-developing professions in the USA. Why? Because it's forecasted that the number of children will greatly grow in the next five years. That's why we need kids' care centers to provide good care for our children.


Generally, a babysitter is a free worker, and sometimes he can be a part of some company. As for duties, the babysitter provides proper kids care in-home.


For those who like photos and kids, it's the best work ever, especially if you work as a portrait photographer. 

Camp counselor:

Camp counselors take responsibility to provide proper care and fun for kids in camps in the summer. They're accountable for such activities as music, boating, swimming, dancing, etc.

Physical education teacher:

He is responsible for promoting kids' health and psychical fitness. Besides, they teach related-to-health studies, such as nutrition and sex education. 


It's one of the most satisfying jobs with kids, in our opinion. Coach plays a significant role in kids' personal development and helps them achieve the aims they want. 

Kids' entertainer:

If you like and can entertain children (for example, play a musical instrument or do the trick), it's the job for you. All these abilities can be very helpful and benefit both kids and you.


His crucial obligation is to determine whether kids feed well and properly develop and help them follow a healthy way of life in terms of nutrition. 


He bears responsibility for children's styling, cutting, and maintaining hair in a good state. 


If you can develop the kids' ability to read during many following years, this job will be satisfying and bring great benefits. 

Museum worker:

This job gives a great opportunity to teach kids something valuable and exciting through various excursions. 

Art therapist:

For many kids, expressing their feelings through words is hard. And art therapists can help them with that – they help the children express their feelings through creative art. 

Counselor on kid and family issues:

Every kid should have a safe and without-trauma childhood, and kid and family issues counselors are responsible for that.

Justice lawyer on minor affairs:

He deals with kids criminals. Also, they develop people's knowledge about kids' legal and social problems, plus sometimes they work as a voice of the policy changes.

Music therapist:

Like the art therapist, he helps kids express their feelings and emotions through music. 


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