What are STAR interview questions?

When you start a job interview, the interviewer will usually ask you general questions about your experience and why you're interested in the role. However, as the interview progresses, they may start to ask you more specific questions designed to assess how you would react in particular situations. These are known as STAR interview questions, … Read more

What is the format of official letter?

The purpose of writing a formal letter may be personal, professional, or for any other purpose. But regardless of the reason for writing it, there are a few standard formats and guidelines that need to be followed while drafting formal letters. Given below is a detailed explanation of the format and tips for writing formal … Read more

Best pest control companys in the USA

The field of pest control is a lucrative and growing industry in the United States. Pest control companies offer their services to both residential and commercial customers, and the demand for these services is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. What industry is pest control under? The pest control industry is classified … Read more

How to answer ‘Why are you interested in this job?’

When you're applying for a job, one of the questions that you're likely to be asked is why you're interested in the position. This can be a tricky question to answer, but it's important to give a thoughtful response. Do all interviewers ask this question? While not all interviewers will ask this question, it's a … Read more

Rhetorical strategies list

To become successful in your career, you need to be able to use rhetorical strategies to get your point across. Rhetorical strategies are techniques that you can use to influence people's opinions and persuade them to take action. There are many different types of rhetorical strategies, but some of the most common ones include argumentation, … Read more

What are the letter of transmittal examples?

An employee writes a letter to their employer to notify them of their resignation and includes the reasons for their decision. The letter of transmittal is a formal letter that notifies the reader of an important event or document. Where should you put the letter of transmittal? The letter of transmittal should be included before … Read more

What is a personal reference letter?

A personal reference letter, also known as a character reference letter, is a letter written by someone who knows the person well and can speak to their character. This type of letter is often used when someone is applying for a job or trying to get into school, and can help prove that the person … Read more

Letter of intent with samples

The purpose of a letter of intent is to outline the basic terms and conditions under which an agreement will be formed. This document can be used to agree on the outline of an agreement, to provide a basis for further negotiations, or to memorialize the intent of the parties involved. Who provides a letter … Read more

What is an average IQ by state?

When getting a job your employee IQ is sometimes required. For example, if you want to be a rocket scientist your IQ might have to be above 140. But what is the average IQ by the state? That’s what we are going to find out! How can you know your IQ? There are different IQ … Read more

How to follow up with a recruiter?

If you've had a great conversation with a recruiter and you're thinking about applying for one of their open roles, following up is the next step. Following up with a recruiter is a simple process, and there are a few things you can do to make sure your follow-up stands out. Is it OK to … Read more